Studio Art

Q: What courses should I take during the first year?
Students can take ARTH 010: The Western Survey Art History – a required course. ARTS100: Visual Design: 2D Design and ARTS102: Drawing Eye, Mind, Hand are studio foundations designed to introduce students to the nature of visual language and the creative process while encouraging the development of visual expression. At least one of these courses is required of majors and is strongly recommended for non-majors as preparation for additional work in studio art. In addition to these foundation courses, a number of other introductory level courses in various media (painting, sculpture, printmaking and graphic design) satisfy the aesthetic perspective requirement. Click here to check Art History course availability and here to check Studio Art course availability.
Q: How do I get an advisor?
After exploring various media, students may choose to concentrate in one area and often seek out particular faculty members for personal mentoring.
Q: What courses are required if I plan to double major in Studio Art and another discipline?
If a student chooses to double major, eight studio art courses and two art history courses are required, one of which must be ARTH010.
Q: Where should students or faculty go for more information?
Students and faculty can contact Ellie Crocker, Program Director for Studio Art, for more information.