Academic Advising

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Academic Support Services

The Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center provides:

  • Information about academic programs and policies.
  • Assistance exploring or clarifying choice of major.
  • Special advisors to help students who encounter academic difficulties strategize ways to improve their performance
  • Evaluation of transfer courses and assessment of credits awarded.
  • Information about petitioning the College Board for exceptions to academic policies.
  • Advice and counseling regarding learning or physical disabilities.
  • Assistance in conveying information about special needs to professors.
  • Assistance in obtaining academic and classroom accommodations, if needed.

Career Services

The Career Services Office offers:

  • Help clarifying career goals by assessing interests, skills, and strengths in consultation with a career counselor.
  • The Clark Career Exploration Program, a comprehensive plan designed to introduce students to a variety of liberal arts career options beginning in their first year.
  • Free career or graduate school advising/counseling sessions throughout all four years of study at Clark and beyond.
  • Talks by alumni about their careers through targeted career panels.
  • Access to the Career Library, which contains information on career fields and graduate study.
  • A variety of career-related workshops designed to assist students in all aspects of job-search readiness.
  • Information on internship opportunities.
  • Prelaw advising to help map out strategies for choosing and applying to law school.
  • Meetings with representatives at on campus Career Fairs, Graduate School Fairs, and Law Fairs to discuss opportunities after graduation.
  • Assistance preparing resumes and cover letters.
  • Mock interviews with a counselor to prepare for real interviews.
  • Networking events on and off campus to learn how to network effectively.
  • Connections with employers through on-campus and off-campus recruiting.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides:

  • Assistance with writing for any class in any discipline, at all stages of the writing process (trying to understand a writing assignment, brainstorming, composing, getting un-stuck, writing, revising, seeking citation information, editing, proofreading).
  • Free, hour-long conferences with graduate-student writing consultants.
  • Help revising personal statements, resumes, cover letters, study abroad and internship applications.
  • Practice test strategies for the reading and writing questions on the Massachusetts Teacher Test or other standardized examinations (GMAT, GRE, etc.).

Study Abroad

The Office of Study Abroad assists students in:

  • Exploring the various options available for studying abroad and selecting the program that best matches a student’s interests.
  • Negotiating the application process.
  • Preparing for experiences abroad through pre-departure workshops.
  • Selecting appropriate courses to take while abroad and registering for Clark courses to be taken upon one’s return.
  • Facilitating contact with appropriate faculty.
  • Maintaining contact with Clark while studying abroad.
  • Insuring that academic credits completed abroad are evaluated and posted to the student’s Clark record.
  • Addressing re-entry issues upon request and helping incorporate study abroad experiences into future plans.

Contact Info:

Academic Advising x7468
Career Services x7258
Writing Center x7405
Study Abroad x7363