Office of Multicultural and First Generation Student Support

ACE Mentors

ACE mentors are selected each spring to support the ACE program for the following school year. ACE mentors are upperclassmen students who have completed the ACE program, demonstrated leadership on campus, and are committed to helping their peers succeed.

Mentor Application Deadline: March 31st, 2015.

Graduate Assistant Biographies

Tamara Nelson (Graduate Assistant and support to ACE) is a third year doctoral student in clinical psychology here at Clark. She received her B.S. in Psychology and Exercise Science from Rutgers University and her M.P.H. in Epidemiology from San Diego State University. Prior to attending Clark, Tamara worked as a Research Associate in the research and evaluation department at the Boston Public Health Commission. Tamara enjoys working with directly with the ACE students and assisting the Office of Office of Multicultural and First Generation Student Support.

Jason Moreira (Graduate Assistant and support to ACE) is a 5th Year Masters student in biology here at Clark. He received his B.A. in Environmental Science (Conservation Biology track). Jason’s research  for the past three years has been on threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in the Foster/Baker Lab. Being a first generation college student and a member of the ALANA community himself; he was part of the other ALANA pre-orientation program (Connections@Clark) his first year and was a mentor the following year. Jason loves the outdoors whether it's deep in the woods, in the middle of the ocean or downtown Boston shopping.


Meet your 2015 Mentors!

Maya Duffy is a sophomore (Class of 2018) and I am a double major in Chemistry and Psychology on a pre-medical track. I enjoy the outdoors, physical fitness, and trying new activities. I spend most of my time outside of school with my friends exploring new places or doing physical fitness activities. I love rock climbing, yoga, CrossFit training, and running. I am excited to be an ACE mentor because I love meeting new people and seeing how they develop throughout the school year. I can't wait for the incoming freshman to have the same wonderful experience that I had during the ACE summer program as well as my first year at Clark University!

What I love the most about Office of Multicultural and First Generation Student Support is the strong friendships formed amongst the ACErs as well as the relationships they develop with their mentors!

Tajshana Solomon is a junior (Class of 2016) majoring in Psychology with a minor in Education and a concentration in Race and Ethnic Relations. Outside of school, Tajsh likes to dance and is currently on HHC (Hip Hop Collabo) which is the Hip Hop dance group on campus.

Tajsh is excited to be an ACE mentor again because she knows how supportive of a community ACE is and she is excited to welcome more people into the ACE.

"My experience working with ACE has been nothing short of fantastic. ACE is like my family away from home."—Tajsh

Aneesha Stewart is a senior (Class of 2016) majoring in Political Science and minoring in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Outside of school, Aneesha is very athletic she loves playing basketball, and calisthenics. Aneesha also has a bit of an artistic flair and enjoys making films.

"College is a journey, and Office of Multicultural and First Generation Student Support has helped me get to where I am now. I’m excited to be a mentor because since I am a senior, I want to pass on the knowledge I have to help the future Clarkies succeed."—Aneesha

Sabina Verghese is a junior (Class of 2016) majoring in International Development and Social Change. Sabina was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and she goes back there every other year to visit family and friends for the holidays. She loves to travel, dance, and discover new restaurants/pastry shops around Worcester. She is excited to get to know you all through the program and can't wait to explore Clark again, this time as an ACE mentor!

"The best part about Office of Multicultural and First Generation Student Support is that they work so hard to make sure that they can help a wide range of students achieve the best academic success at Clark. They're determined to make your experience at Clark, memorable and engaging."—Sabina

Justin Woods is a sophomore (Class of 2018) and majors in sociology with a minor in biology and concentration in public health. Eventually, Justin hopes to become a nursing researcher. Outside of class, Justin loves eating, socializing, being on Clark's Emergency Medical Squad (CUEMS), and writing for Clark's satirical newspaper The Freudian Slip. Justin also enjoys kayaking, hiking, drinking excess amounts of coffee, and is getting his EMT license.

"Almost all of my close Clarkie friends are the friends I made when I was in the ACE program. In fact, six out of the eight people living in my apartment this year are ACEers. I am really excited to be a mentor and help run this amazing program that has helped me love being a Clarkie and meet my best friends."—Justin