Business and Financial Services

Cashier's Office

Making Deposits to the Cashier's Office


To communicate the policies and procedures for departments receiving cash, checks, or credit card transactions intended for the University.


All payments to departments should be made directly to the University Cashier's Office. Certain departments and activities are permitted to accept payments for cash sales. Departments may make deposits to the Cashier's Office for income within that department. In order to do so, they must document the amount to be deposited on a Remittance form.

Completing the Remittance Form

  • The top section of the form must include the date, the department for which the deposit is being made, and the name and extension number of the employee submitting the deposit. This information enables the Cashier to contact the employee in the case of errors in providing wrong account information on the remittance, or if the amount included for deposit is inaccurate.
  • A description of each deposit to a particular account must be included in the middle section titled “description.” Money to be deposited into separate accounts may be included on one remittance, as long as the distribution of deposits into the account is clear.
  • Requisite on the remittance form along with the deposit is the appropriate Fund code (FUND), or Organization Number (ORG) for the money to be deposited in the right account. An Account Number must be provided where appropriate. Index numbers may also be provided a shortcut to a commonly used accounting string.
  • The total type of tender must be calculated and indicated at the bottom of the remittance; the amount of checks, cash, and/or charges must be entered in the designated boxes. The total amount of the deposit must also be entered in the appropriate box.

Cash Handling Instructions

  • Never send cash through the mail. If a cash deposit is to be made, please walk it to the Cashier's Office during normal business hours (9:30am-4:00pm). Upon receipt of the deposit, the Cashier will count the cash to verify the amount on the remittance form, enter the deposit, and return the yellow copy after stamping, dating, and signing it.
  • Departments sending over large amounts of money to deposit may request the service of a University Police escort if they feel unsafe carrying such large amounts in person.
  • All checks must be stamped on the back with the department's name. If a stamp is not available, write the name of the department on the back of the checks to be deposited. In the case of a returned check, it will be easier for the Cashier to identify the origin of the returned check.
  • The department making the deposit must add all checks, and submit the tape along with the checks.
  • Checks must be remitted to the Cashier's Office no later than the day after they are received.
  • The departments using bank bags (GSOM) must ensure that bags are locked when bringing them to the Cashier's Office for deposit.