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Clark OneCard

Anatomy of Your OneCard

Your Clark OneCard is your official University identification card. It also stores information that provides you with access to a variety of on-campus services. The OneCard as Woo Card can often save you money on admission to cultural, athletic and entertainment events.

The OneCard is made of a hard plastic similar to a standard credit/debit card or driver's license. The front of the card displays the identification information and the back has magnetic strip that store the demographic information as well as other important data.

The Clark OneCard remains valid for the entire time that you are a student at Clark. It is important to keep the card both secure and in good condition.

Protect your Clark OneCard

You can avoid damaging your card by taking a few simple precautions. Do not bend, fold, twist, machine wash, scratch or affix stickers to your card. Don't leave your card on the radiator or in direct sunlight, and keep it away from magnetic fields like ATM cards, credit cards or any type of magnet. You will be charged a $20.00 fee to replace a lost card, which may be paid for with cash, check, or charged to your student account. For security purposes your Clark OneCard issuance number changes on each issue. Old cards cannot be reactivated if they are found at a later date.


Each OneCard features a headshot of its owner, similar to a passport or driver's license photo.

Identification Number

The first eight positions are your assigned ID number. The last two positions are an issuance number that gets updated if the card is lost.

back of Clark OneCard

Back of Clark OneCard

The back of the OneCard features a magnetic strip allowing access to the benefits and services described here, and the Woo logo. Remember that you must register your OneCard online to activate Woo benefits.