Sustainable Clark

A Commitment to Sustainability

Educating students to be responsible citizens

Clark University's dedication to sustainability is expressed in our commitment to educating students to be responsible citizens of the world. As we prepare students with the intellectual, social and practical skills required to address the complex challenges of a rapidly changing world, including new and difficult environmental challenges, we recognize that the global community rightly looks to universities to provide leadership in addressing these challenges.

Clark's tradition of involvement in environmental issues

Building on the University's core mission of research, teaching and learning, Clark faculty and students have pioneered research on natural hazards and risk, land use change, pollution control, climate mapping and many other environmental issues. An important aspect of leadership is to monitor our own impact and explore ways in which we can enhance the environmental sustainability of the Clark campus as a model of active learning and demonstration. Faculty, staff and students have spearheaded efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the University through such actions as establishing a cogeneration plant on campus, extensive recycling and composting programs, a campus thrift store, green cleaning and building policies, and an ever-evolving range of sustainability initiatives and programming. By constructing LEED certified buildings such as the Lasry Center, the University reaffirms that environmental responsibility is a global priority and a healthy environment is essential for learning and working.

A commitment to climate neutrality

Clark University's Climate Action Plan with its bold goal of climate neutrality can be a source of pride for all connected with the university as it provides further proof of concept for our institutional identity as a research university committed to making a difference in our local and global communities.