Campus Safety and Security

Bias Incident Report Log

January 2016 - March 2016

February 4: A faculty member reported a post on the Student Leadership and Programming blog which included a meme that could be construed as racially insensitive. The blog administrators were notified and, after a discussion with the student who made the post, removed the post and inserted an explanation.

February 11: A threatening anti-Semitic message was posted on Clark's Hillel Facebook page. The University Police conducted an investigation alongside the Worcester Police and determined that the post originated from outside the university. The BIRT issued a report to the campus community on the same day.

February 22nd and February 24th: Two students reported, separately, complaints regarding incidents where they felt a staff member treated them inappropriately and unfairly due to their race. Representatives from the BIRT reached out to the students and investigated the incidents. The complaints were reviewed with the staff member and appropriate educational and disciplinary actions were taken.

March 16th: A student reported a negative interaction with a staff member regarding cultural and racial assumptions, which triggered the student to feel stereotyped and further marginalized. The staff member's department was advised about the situation and plans were made by the department to develop more targeted cultural competency training.

March 20th: A student reported concerns about a social media posting by another student that attempted to satirize the political atmosphere in the United States. This post triggered the reporting student to feel targeted. Both the reporting student and the author of the post had conversations with members of the BIRT, resulting in the students' gaining better understanding of each other's perspective.

March 26th: The BIRT received reports of an anti-Semitic flyer with white supremacist messages and a swastika on several office printers. Investigations by the University Police and IT found this to be an incident that occurred across the country. The appropriate law enforcement authorities were notified, and no compromises to our IT system were found. The BIRT issued a message to the campus community on the same day.

March 29th: A staff member reported a vandalized poster in academic building. The poster was found with a 2 in. x 2 in. swastika carved into it. An investigation is being conducted and the poster has been removed.

To submit a bias incident report, please use the online Bias Incident Report Form or see the Bias Incident Reporting procedures for other options.