Sustainable Clark

Resources for Departments, Offices and Employees of Clark

Sustainable Clark is a community effort. It takes all of us, employees and students together, to make a difference on campus and in our world with the choices we make. Clark is full of 'green growing on' ; just take a look at the detailed Resources pages here or take a walk across campus! However, we recognize that the needs of the people who work at Clark everyday may be different from the student population, and we have a few resources specific to office and department life:


While institutional support for composting is only available to residence halls, AC and UC, there is nothing stopping you and your departmental colleagues from composting all your food and soiled paper waste! Many departments are doing it already — Physical Plant, IDCE, Psychology, Admissions to name a few. Why throw away when you can compost at Clark? Join the movement!

Go Green!

You spend more waking hours at Clark than you do at home, probably. You have green habits at home to save money and be environmentally conscious. What about your habits at Clark?

Get a Lamp!

If you have a desk lamp and promise to turn off wasteful overhead lights, Sustainble Clark will give you a free LED bulb for your lamp — just email or call x 7601.

Copy — or Not!

If you must copy (and sometimes we must), please use recycled content copy paper, print 2-sided, print in draft mode, and recycle after use.


Recycling Guidelines, including toner cartridges, batteries, etc. If you need a deskside blue paper recycling bin, please email or call x 7601.