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Alumni have access to Clark Connect. Clarkies are also increasingly making use of Social networking sites to make connections with each other. We recommend joining the Clark University Alumni Networking Group on LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions for Clark Connect

Who has access to Clark Connect?
Clark Alumni.
What is Clark Connect and what can it be used for?
Clark Connect offers a place for alumni to share interests and experiences, gather and exchange information and ideas, locate one another and keep informed of upcoming campus and regional alumni community events.
How can Clark Connect be accessed and how can I register for it?
Clark Connect can be accessed by going to

Etiquette for Clark Connect

  • When contacting an alumnus, introduce yourself, tell the person where you received your information about him or her, spell check if contacting by email or letter, be friendly and polite and not too personal (they do not need to hear your whole life story).
  • Most importantly, DO NOT ASK FOR A JOB! Essentially Clark Connect is a tool for networking and information gathering rather than a job search method. It should be used to help you explore career options, get job search tips specific to a particular field, and begin networking, rather than a tool used to ask for a job.
  • You should keep in mind that the alumni’s employment status could have changed since the last update (for instance the person could be out of a job). Thus, it is important to be aware of this possibility and to handle the situation sensitively. Additionally, it should not be assumed that an alumni would want to talk or that the person would be able to talk immediately. It is important to set up a time to talk that is convenient to both you and the alumni.
  • You should have relevant questions prepared in advance and if applicable, review the website of the alumni’s company. Additionally, a resume should be prepared ahead of time and perhaps sent before the actual conversation with the alumni occurs.
  • A thank you note should be sent after talking with the alumni.
  • An email follow up should be sent to the alumni to update him or her (for example, if the person suggests an action plan for the student, the student should send an email with an update of his or her progress).
  • It would be polite to inform the Alumni Affairs Office of any revisions/changes from information found in the Alumni Online Community. Alumni Affairs can be reached at (508) 793-7166 or

Sample Email Message

Below is a sample email for contacting an alumni:

Dear Ms. Smith, My name is Joseph Jones and I am a current ____________ (insert alum/student and class year and major) at Clark University. I obtained your name from Clark Connect, maintained by the Alumni Affairs Office at Clark University.

According to the information provided in Clark Connect, you have experience in the field of ____________. I, myself, am interested in pursuing a career in this field. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you in regards to the educational requirements necessary to obtain a position in ______________ as well as types of positions that exist in the field and any other useful advice or contacts. If you would be willing to share this information with me, I would greatly appreciate it. If you think it would be beneficial to discuss these issues over the phone please email me at _____________ so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time. Thank you.

Sincerely, Joseph Jones