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The Clark Alumni Networking Group

To gain access to the Clark Alumni Networking Group, you must read and agree to abide by the following policies.

LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with professionals from a range of careers and locations. Use it to research where people in your major have done internships and secured employment. Join professional industry groups related to your career interests to learn about the field. Connect with family, friends, co-workers and alumni. Ask to be introduced to their connections and gain access to more people. Read company pages to learn about organizations before pursuing an internship or job there. LinkedIn should be used to help you explore career options, get job search tips specific to a particular field, and begin networking, rather than as a means to ask for a job.

  • DO NOT "CONNECT" TO PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW. Instead look for a mutual connection and ask to "Get Introduced through a Connection”. If you cannot find a connection to an alumnus, contact Career Services to see if we can facilitate an introduction.
  • SEND PERSONALIZED MESSAGES indicating why you would like to connect. Do not use the default "I'd like to add you to my network …” Ask for the opportunity to do an informational interview <link to handout: > to get advice on your career plans. Do not ask for a job or internship.
  • ALWAYS ADDRESS PEOPLE PROFESSIONALLY. Messages to peers may be addressed to the person's first name; messages to professionals should always be addressed "Dear Mr. / Ms./Dr. Last Name.” Be sure that your messages are grammatically correct and error-free. The first impression you make is critical.
  • EMPLOYERS LOOK UP STUDENTS ONLINE and will expect to see a professional online presence. LinkedIn allows you to create that. At the same time, your Facebook and other social networking sites should be protected and not accessible to potential employers.
  • DO NOT POST REQUESTS TO THE ENTIRE ALUMNI GROUP. It is more appropriate and more effective to connect with individual people.
  • RESEARCH BEFORE RESPONDING TO A GENERAL POST ABOUT AN OPPORTUNITY. Read the profile of the person making the post and gather some information on the company. If you are still interested, contact the person individually.
  • FOLLOW UP AND SEND A THANK YOU EMAIL after receiving information or advice from someone.

Now, review the LinkedIn videos tailored to college students and recent graduates.

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