Career Development

International Students

International students face additional challenges including:

  • Work restrictions for non-American citizens
  • Lack of established networks in America
  • Cultural differences and/or language barriers
  • Differences in job search strategy and style
  • Difficulties of long distance research/job search

Career Development Process

The career development process remains the same:

  1. Self assessment - analyzing your skills, interests and values and how they correlate with the world of work options.
  2. Exploration/Research (For international students, this also includes researching Employment Regulations!)
  3. Practice/Experience - gaining hands-on experience through campus employment or internships can help you focus and set goals while at the same time increasing your networks vital for employment.
  4. Decision making - identifying the steps necessary to reach your short term and long term goals is important!

The Job Search Process

  1. Development of Resume, Cover letter, References & Portfolio
  2. Mock Interviews
  3. Informational Interviews/Networking
  4. Tracking and Following up your Process
  5. Staying Motivated & Obtaining Support