Career Services

Prospective Students

Entering college can be a wonderful time for new learning and growth. However, as with any transition there can be obstacles and challenges to overcome. We encourage you to reach out to us if you need assistance.

Please note: We do NOT have a psychiatrist on staff so if you need medications or medical management please make arrangements prior to coming to campus. (See below.)

Mental Health Services

Available Services

The Counseling Services office is staffed by licensed mental health professionals and clinical interns. Services provided include:

  • thorough assessment of presenting issues
  • short-term solutions focused therapy
  • and/or referral to community resources

Counseling Services offers short-term therapy with a focus on the myriad of issues impacting quality of life. Common issues addressed within therapy are: concerns about relationships, motivation, happiness, health, life decisions, substance abuse, trauma, self-discovery, personal growth, self-empowerment, and other issues commonly faced by college students; as well as all levels of diagnosed mental illness including depression, anxiety, personality issues and psychosis. 

Location and Hours of Operations

Counseling Services is located at 501 Park Ave (at the corner of Maywood Street and Park Ave) and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m, when school is in session. Counseling Services is closed over the summer and during all school vacations.)

Appointments can be made by calling 508-793-7678 and leaving a message on mailbox 1, or email us at

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services are not available through Clark University’s Counseling or Health Services. If your are in need of a psychiatric referral or medication management, we strongly encourage that arrangements be made prior to a student’s arrival to campus. Local clinics are able to provide medication evaluations and psychiatric services throughout Worcester, however there is often a waiting period for appointments for up to two months. A list of resources frequently used by the counseling staff for students with psychiatric needs is listed below.


Confidentiality is of the utmost importance of the clinical staff. We strive to meet the needs of students in a respectful manner and are attentive to issues of privacy and confidentiality. All information shared by the student remains within the service. Therapists might consult with each other about clinical issues, but without the student’s consent a therapist cannot discuss the case with anyone outside of the service. The only exception to the confidentiality policy is when there is a concern about the risk to self and/or others.

Worcester Mental Health Clinics and Psychiatric Services

Local Psychiatry


Island Counseling
108 Grove Street, Worcester, MA
(508) 754-1803

UMASS Outpatient Services
361 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA
(508) 856-2551

Private Practice Psychiatrists

Dr. Mark Schlickman
23 Fruit Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 797-0537

Dr. Keith Levy
52 Cedar Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 757-5191

Local Psychotherapy


Community Healthlink
72 Jaques Avenue
Worcester, MA
(508) 421-4411 - Sharon Bush, Intake Coordinator

Prescott Health Care
130 Elm Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 754-1803

Private Practice Psychotherapists

Cynthia Graber, Ph.D.
57 Cedar Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 754-7875

Brian W. Litzenberger, Ph.D.
9 Cedar Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 767-1809

Adolescent, GLBT, Resistant populations

Sherri Di Reda, LICSW
354 West Boylston St.
West Boylston, MA
(508) 453-1266

Fran Peterson, LMHC
51 Union Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 791-9340

Asperger's syndrome, depression and anxiety

Danielle Wahba, Psy.D.
51 Union Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 791-1454

DBT, PTSD, depression and anxiety

Tom Novak, Ph.D.
30 Sever Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 752-7332