Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Student in Lab

Visual and Performing Arts Safety

The following information is provided to all Visual and Performing Arts faculty, administrative staff, and students to provide a safe working environment:

Know your materials

  • Review Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for compatibilities, hazards, and routes of entry prior to material usage.
  • Obtain an SDS from your supervisor or from the Chemical Safety Officer, Frank Abell, (x7280).

Know the Process

  • Know your tools.
  • Know process chemistries either from your instructor or from a written process.

Prepare for emergencies

  • Know emergency phone numbers (x7575) (University Police).
  • Know location of emergency eyewash and shower.
  • Know power disconnects.
  • Do not block emergency equipment or emergency egress.
  • Know where your emergency equipment is located (first aid kits, fire extinguishers).

Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Obtain PPE from the Chemical Safety Officer (x7280).

Work Safely

  • Use ventilation when required.
  • Use air handling equipment when required.
  • Manage containers properly (Use proper labeling, Store incompatibles away from each other, Do not store hazards above eye level of shortest person).
  • Do not eat or drink while working.
  • Practice ergonomic principles.
  • Do not work alone.

Clean up and wash up

  • Do not wash with solvents.
  • Dispose of hazardous wastes properly.

Disposal of Waste

  • Store photographic waste in 55 gallon drums provided and store solvent/oily rags in yellow Hazardous Waste Bags.
  • Notify the Chemical Safety Officer, Frank Abell, (x7280) when Hazardous Waste needs removal.