Residential Life and Housing

Dealing with Heat Problems in Your Room

If you are experiencing a low/no-heat issue (room is too cold) please do the following before contacting your RA:

1) Check your heating unit (if outside temperature is 62 degrees or below then inside heating units should be on).  In units where there is a radiator, make sure the valve is open. In some cases these valves have been shut by people in the past and never reopened.  If the valve is open, and the unit is cold call your RA right away.  If the unit is warm, proceed to step 2.

2) Check for any open windows.  Make sure your windows are closed and locked.  Check the top and bottom sashes to make sure both are closed (sometimes the top sash falls down and you don't notice that is where the cold air is coming in).  If the window can not be locked that suggests a window is partially opened.

3) If you can't identify a source of cold air and the room is still too cold, call your RA.

RAs will contact the necessary resources to have the problem corrected.  Every effort should be made to call your RA before 3:30 p.m. when there is an issue.  Heat problems made after this time means that staff must be called in from home and away from their families.

If your room is too hot, please contact your RA during business hours so that Physical Plant can be notified and make the necessary adjustments.  If your room is too hot during non-business hours, you may open windows to regulate the temperature, but remember to shut the windows anytime you are not in the room, or if the temperature begins to get cold.  In many cases students forget they opened their window and then they call their RA complaining their room is too cold, only to have an RA find their window open.