Residential Life and Housing

Service Partners

Residential Life and Housing at Clark is committed to providing our residential students with the comfort and amenities of home. To augment the many social, study, and recreational facilities on campus, we also work with established and respected higher education vendors to provide students with purchasing and leasing options for items they may want to have, but may not want to bring with them. The following parter services are frequently used by our students with great service and satisfaction rates:


Interested in renting a High Definition flat screen television for your residence hall room, suite, or apartment? Split the cost of the rental online with your roommates and have the television waiting for you when you arrive. Check out or their current flyer for more information and what options are available!!


Ship boxes and luggage from home prior to fall move-in. We accept and temporarily store your items to be delivered to school when you arrive on campus. Have your belongings picked up from school during move-out to be stored for the summer or shipped anywhere, world-wide. Stored items delivered back to campus when you return. Check out for more information.

Collegiate Concepts

Many students choose to rent a Microfridge from Collegiate Concepts ( when they come to Clark. Microfridges have the only microwaves permitted in the residence halls built into the combination microwave/fridge units. They use less energy and are safe for the wiring in the residence halls because the fridge shuts off when the microwave is running. Check out for more information.
College Fridge

E&R Laundry Service

E&R provides our students with a variety of laundry services, from washing and drying, to dry cleaning, to linen and towel rentals. E&R Cleaners even has a convenient drop off/pickup office in Maywood Street Hall. Visit for more information.

Residence Hall Linens

Our Bookstore has partnered with a company that provides a linen program offered as a convenience for students. Some students have trouble finding sheets to fit the extra long beds on campus, and this company provides the proper linens and can offers special student discounts and free shipping on most orders. Check out to view linen options and place orders.
Residence Hall Linens