Residential Life and Housing

What to Bring and Prohibited Items

What comes in my residence hall room — and what should I bring?

Each residence hall room is supplied with the basics: bed and mattress (extra-long twin), desk, chair, closet or wardrobe, drawer space, and window shade or blind. Double rooms will have these items provided for each student. All double rooms are equipped with 2 Ethernet hookups and one phone line. Wireless Internet is also available in all Clark residence halls and houses. You may wish to decide with your roommate who will bring certain items, like a stereo, fan, etc. to avoid duplication. Many items that you may need can be rented, rather than purchased and transported, for convenience. Microfridge units are the most popular items to be rented. Clark also offers flat-screen TV rentals, and linen purchasing (see Service Partners below for details). You will want to bring along some special items, such as photographs and posters, to create your home away from home.  The following are some fun ideas to help you get ideas for what to bring along.

The “A to Z” on
What to Bring to Campus

A larm Clock
B lanket/comforter
C arpet sweeper
D esk lamp (not Halogen)
E nvelopes/paper/stamps
F lashlight
G ym equipment
H air dryer
I ron (Auto shut-off only)*
J ug of quarters (No longer needed for laundry, but maybe for the snack machines?)
K eepsakes
L aundry detergent
M attress pad
N ail clippers/file
O pen mind
P ens/pencils/paper
Q uilt
R ain gear
S hower shoes & tote
T oiletries
U nder bed storage unit
V acuum*
W aste paper basket
X –tra long sheets
Y our clothes
Z est for Life!!

Additional Items

Addresses/phone book
Band Aids/first aid
Dust pan & broom
Drying rack
Dishwashing liquid
Fan (small)
Lamps (NOT halogen)
Paper Towels
Power Strips
Refrigerator (small)
Stereo* (with headphones)
Storage crates
Sewing kit
Television & cable cord
Telephone & cord
Thermometer (one for yourself if you get sick, and another for your room in case it gets too hot and you need to call Physical Plant)

You may wish to check with your roommate(s) to determine who should bring some of these items.

What if I need to ship items?

Students who travel over long distances, or who take an airplane to get to Clark may wish to ship some of their belongings. Students may send packages to themselves at the following address *(the campus mail room will hold your mail until you arrive).

Your Name
Campus Box *Your mailbox number*
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610

The most common items to be shipped are computers, books, or clothing. Be sure that you will not need what you ship immediately when you arrive on campus, in case they do not arrive at the same time as you do. You can pick up large packages at the mail room in the basement of the Higgins University Center.

What type of clothing should I bring?

If you are from a warmer climate than that of New England, you will want to bring specific items of clothing to prepare for the winter months. A warm winter jacket, hat, mittens, scarf, and boots are recommended to stay warm. Sweaters and long pants or skirts are also suggested to avoid a chill. Please note that the weather in New England is not always cold! In August the weather will be very warm and often humid. Once autumn comes around, a light jacket or sweater will suffice.

Should I bring EVERYTHING with me?

There is no need to bring EVERYTHING you need at college with you from home. It is advisable to purchase many of your amenities once you arrive at Clark. Cosmetic items such as shampoo, soap or lotion can be found at area drug stores, and school supplies can be purchased at the University Bookstore, as well as at local stores. If you are traveling a long distance it may be easier to purchase bedding and other items for your room once you get here. This not only lightens the load that you have to carry to your room on check-in day, but also gives you the opportunity to see what there is in the area surrounding Clark. Many places are within walking distance, and for those that are not, the Worcester bus system will take you there.

What can't I bring?

Clark is committed to the well-being and safety of all our students. Therefore, certain health and safety regulations are in place for the protection of our residential population. For this reason, the items listed below are NOT permitted on the Clark campus:

  • Air conditioners
  • Extension cords or multiple adapters (As of Fall 2011 only extension cords with surge protectors are permitted in the residence halls)
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Microwaves (unless it is part of a rented microfridge combination unit)
  • Fridges over 5.0 cubic feet
  • Toasters/toaster ovens
  • Pets (fish are ok)
  • Hot pots and electric frying pans
  • Space heaters
  • Mattresses
  • Fireworks
  • Oil lamps
  • Halogen lamps
  • Traffic signs
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Lava lamps
  • Ridiculous things you know you shouldn't have but aren't on this list.  If you have doubts about whether you should bring something... check with us first!

Service Partners

Residential Life and Housing at Clark is committed to providing our residential students with the comfort and amenities of home. To augment the many social, study, and recreational facilities on campus, we also work with established and respected higher education vendors to provide students with purchasing and leasing options for items they may want to have, but may not want to bring with them. The following parter services are frequently used by our students with great service and satisfaction rates:


Interested in renting a High Definition flat screen television for your residence hall room, suite, or apartment? Split the cost of the rental online with your roommates and have the television waiting for you when you arrive. Check out or their current flyer for more information and what options are available!!


Ship boxes and luggage from home prior to fall move-in. We accept and temporarily store your items to be delivered to school when you arrive on campus. Have your belongings picked up from school during move-out to be stored for the summer or shipped anywhere, world-wide. Stored items delivered back to campus when you return. Check out for more information.

Collegiate Concepts

Many students choose to rent a Microfridge from Collegiate Concepts ( when they come to Clark. Microfridges have the only microwaves permitted in the residence halls built into the combination microwave/fridge units. They use less energy and are safe for the wiring in the residence halls because the fridge shuts off when the microwave is running. Check out for more information.
College Fridge

E&R Laundry Service

E&R provides our students with a variety of laundry services, from washing and drying, to dry cleaning, to linen and towel rentals. E&R Cleaners even has a convenient drop off/pickup office in Maywood Street Hall. Visit for more information.

Residence Hall Linens

Our Bookstore has partnered with a company that provides a linen program offered as a convenience for students. Some students have trouble finding sheets to fit the extra long beds on campus, and this company provides the proper linens and can offers special student discounts and free shipping on most orders. Check out to view linen options and place orders.
Residence Hall Linens