Residential Life and Housing

Residential First-Year Experience

Here are some of the things that many of this year's first-year students are experiencing:

  • New academic challenges
  • New friends
  • New romances
  • First time living away from home
  • New interests and passions
  • New decisions
  • New routines
  • New adventures
  • New outlooks on life

The Residential First-Year Experience (FYE) program at Clark is designed to assist students through these exciting transitions and challenges. As a Clark student, your First-Year Experience can be whatever you make it, and our staff and program is there to help you make it the best it can be!

Components of Residential FYE

Residential component

Sharing a common space with other first-year students allows you to transition through your first year with people who may be experiencing the same things.

Each first-year hall has a number of FYE Resident Advisers who are there to provide support and be a resource for first-year students. Also, because only first-year students reside in FYE buildings, a strong network of support and understanding develops through shared experiences and struggles.

All students who choose to participate in Residential FYE are expected to sign and follow a Community Living Agreement. This agreement has been designed to maintain appropriate community standards to enable both study and social interaction to occur. Of particular note, Residential FYE provides an alcohol-free environment as the vast majority of the participants are under the age of 21.

Academic component

Residential Life and Housing is committed to complementing the academic mission of Clark University and provides a great deal of academic support for Residential FYE students.

This is accomplished in several ways:

Study Spaces: There are several study spaces in the first-year buildings where students gather. The spaces allow for both group-study sessions and individual study time.

Campus Resources: The FYE staff works in conjunction with other campus offices to bring resources into the FYE residence halls.

Programmatic component

Educational and social opportunities are essential to your development in your first year of college. The FYE staff provides a wide range of programs specifically geared toward your needs as a first-year student.

Some of the topics covered through programming include:

  • roommate relationships
  • nutrition and health
  • decision making
  • homesickness
  • managing your finances
  • diversity/cultural issues
  • study/test taking skills
  • and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Residential FYE?

FYE stands for First-Year Experience. Residential FYE is a residential program focused on new students and their needs during their first year at Clark University. The Residential FYE program combines three major components — residential, academic and programmatic—to enhance students' academic preparation, leadership development and overall college experience.

Do I have to participate in FYE?

No. FYE is an optional program. Selection of participants is based upon expressed interest, and participation is limited by available spaces.

Where do FYE participants live?

FYE participants currently live in Bullock Hall, Wright Hall, Dodd Hall, and the Johnson Sanford Center.

What kind of room will I live in?

FYE students typically live in Traditional Lifestyle double rooms with one other roommate.  Limited single rooms are available as well.

What kinds of activities are available in the FYE halls?

Many social, educational and cultural activities are sponsored and planned by the Residential Life and Housing FYE Staff. You are also welcome to help plan these programs. It's a great way to get involved and meet others in your hall.