Residential Life and Housing

Applying for 2017-2018 Graduate Housing

New or returning Students interested in applying for Clark University Graduate Housing should submit the following. .

    Please submit an electronic graduate housing request form by going to and clicking on "Housing and Dining Self-Service" in the left hand navigation.

Graduate Summer Housing
Graduate Summer Housing is FREE for any resident who signs a "Full Year" contract to live in graduate housing next year. The same cancellation fees apply for students moving into Summer Housing as do for Full Year contracts. For "Fall Only" or current residents who are not interested in living on campus next year, graduate summer housing is available for $20 per day. Any summer graduate resident not living on campus in the fall must be moved out by July 15th at the latest to allow time for Physical Plant to clean the rooms for the fall residents. If you are interested in Graduate Summer Housing please contact the Office of Residential Life and Housing

Graduate Housing Rates

Clark University offers different contract terms to fit the needs of various graduate students. Contracts may cover only one semester, or the entire academic year. Contract terms may not be changed without the outlined cancellation fee. Cancellation policies apply beginning on the start date of the contract period. In the event that student is assigned a room and cancels their housing a $1,000 penalty fee will be applied to their student account. If a student does not move on-campus a $1,000 penalty fine will be charged to their student account.


Contact Period

Single Cost

Cancellation Policy

Full Year

5/22/2017 (6/1/2018 for new applicants) - 5/21/2017*
(up to 365 Days)

$8,000 ($4,000/sem.)
($21.92 per day)

Pay full fall semester + $1500 cancellation fee if cancelled before December 17. Full year amount due after December 17.

Fall Only

8/1/2017 - 12/21/2018*
(122 Days)

($32.78 per day)

Pay full semester, no refund schedule

Spring Only

1/5/2018 - 5/21/2018*
(136 Days)

($29.41 per day)

Pay full semester, no refund schedule

*Contract pricing is determined by the academic calendar, and therefore the pricing is not pro-rated for students who do not live in housing for the entire contract period (ie. even if a student on a full year contract does not wish to take advantage of the free summer housing option, they will be charged the same amount). However if a student moves in more than 30 days after the start of classes, they will be offered a pro-rated semester charge.

Graduate Summer Housing

  • Graduate Housing Residents who sign up for a full year 2017-2018 Graduate Housing Contract can stay in graduate housing all summer for no additional cost.
  • New graduate students, or current graduate students not planning to return to Graduate Housing in the fall can extend their contract for $20 per day. Any summer graduate resident not living on campus in the fall must be moved out by July 15th at the latest to allow time for Physical Plant to clean the rooms for the fall residents.
  • Amenities include:
    • Laundry/dryer included (930 Main Street residents use the laundry room in 926 Main Street)
    • Maintenance (physical plant) included
    • Electricity included
    • Water included
    • Cable included
    • Wifi included
    • University Police response
    • RA programming opportunities

Clark Graduate Houses
University housing for graduate students consists of spaces located in University houses (906, 914, 926, and 930 Main Street). All rooms are furnished and students will have a single room and share common areas, a bathroom and a kitchen.

  • 906 Main Street - IDCE Social Change House
  • IDCE Students have priority placement in 906 Main Street. At 906 Main Street 14 students live together in an "open house" style - meaning that the entire house is shared by the residents with shared kitchens and bathrooms on each floor. In addition to the 14 private bedrooms, 906 Main Street also features a common living room and a dedicated study area on the third floor. The house is undergoing a significant renovation in Summer 2014 featuring new porches, exterior and interior paint, flooring, kitchen work, lighting upgrades, and many other improvements.
  • 914 Main Street
  • 914 Main Street is our most recently upgraded Graduate Housing which got new kitchens in 2012. 24 students live here in six different four-person apartment units. Each apartment has a nice common living room, a full kitchen and bathroom, and 4 single occupancy rooms. Rooms ending in 04 have a window out to the back porch, not the outdoors - perfect for students who are sensitive to noise from the city outside.
  • 926 Main Street
  • 926 Main Street is our largest Graduate House, but features the fewest students per apartment. 33 students live here in 11 different three-person apartment units. Each apartment shares a kitchen, dining area, and bathroom.
  • 930 Main Street
  • 930 Main Street is our smallest Graduate House, and features three apartments, each a three-person apartment. Each apartment shares a kitchen, dining area, pantry and bathroom and has a single bedroom.
  • View floor plans

IDCE Social Change House
The Office of Residential Life and Housing (RLH) and the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE) have collaborated to form the IDCE Social Change House - a Graduate living & learning community available only to IDCE students.
The IDCE Social Change House is located at 906 Main Street, a beautiful Victorian home situated on the same block as the IDCE Department. This 14 bedroom home was extensively renovated in 2014. Renovations include new porches and decks, new flooring, bathroom and kitchen upgrades, and much more.
It is our hope that this living and learning environment will provide another dimension to graduate education in IDCE. Formally and informally, sharing a living space with a culturally diverse range of students will support the ability of the IDCE community to foster discussion and understanding of social change, and what it really means in relation to ideas discussed in the classroom. The first residents of the Social Change House will help IDCE and RLH to build this new facet of our community, providing. In addition to a closer connection to a social change community, living in the Social Change House has practical benefits as well. Like all on-campus housing, the Social Change House is all-inclusive and affordable (as little as $666 per month for students who take advantage of the free summer housing) as well as very close to campus and the IDCE Department.
View floor plans

906 Main Street First Floor
906 Main Street Second Floor
906 Main Street Third Floor

914 Main Street Apartment 1
914 Main Street Apartment 2
914 Main Street Apartment 3
914 Main Street Apartment 4
914 Main Street Apartment 5
914 Main Street Apartment 6

930 Main Street Apartment 1
930 Main Street Apartment 2
930 Main Street Apartment 3

926 Main Street Building Layout
926 Main Street Apartment
926 Main Street Apartment
926 Main Street Apartment 3
926 Main Street Apartment 4
926 Main Street Apartment 5
926 Main Street Apartment 6
926 Main Street Apartment 7
926 Main Street Apartment 9
926 Main Street Apartment 10

926 Main Street Apartment 11

926 Main Street Apartment 12



906 Main Street First Floor


906 Main Street Second Floor


906 Main Street Third Floor

  • “Submit a Work Order to Physical Plant” (DELETE THIS SECTION)

The Top 10 Reasons To Choose Graduate Housing!

  • Clark University Police addresses issues of safety.
  • All utilities are included. No $700 oil bills to worry about. No suprise costs.
  • Individual Contracts - No dealing with your roommates moving out and leaving you with their share of the rent, etc.
  • Clark Physical Plant Staff makes repairs as needed 24/7.
  • Graduate students from a various departments live together.
  • Common rooms (bathroom, kitchen and lounge) cleaned by Clark University Physical Plant employees.
  • Twelve-month accomodation available for no additional cost with Full-Year Contracts.
  • Rooms are furnished and all have free wired and wireless internet, local phone, and HD Cable.
  • Free laundry facilities for each house.
  • Houses are in close proximity to campus.
  • “Graduate Housing Contract”
  • Thank you for registering with Clark University’s graduate housing and joining our community. We welcome you to a wonderful experience! Now that you are registered, you may wonder what are the next steps:
    • Please check your housing contract for your move-in date (this is the contact you signed online while registering, this can be accessed via your confirmation email or “My Housing account”). If you need directions to access your my housing, please see “Access My Housing” link on the right hand side.
    • Please give the Residential Life and Housing (RLH) office a 2 week notice prior to your arrival date in order to prepare your keys, ID, and living space. You can call the RLH office at (508) 793- 7453 during office hours (Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5pm).
    • Prior to moving in, ensure that you have your living necessities, and refrain from bringing prohibited items (Please see “What to Bring and Prohibited Items” link on the right hand side.
    • Once you arrive, you can pick up your keys/ID at the RLH office located at the green Corner House (142 Woodland Street) first floor. If you are pick up your keys outside of office hours, you can retrieve them from University Police (UP) located at the basement of Bullock Hall.
    • Lastly, find your room, unpack, and have a great year. Ask your RA if you develop any questions!
  1. Access “Housing and Dining Self Service”:
  • What to Bring and Prohibited Items
  • Each room will have a desk, chair, twin-sized bed frame and mattress, closet (or wardrobe) and bureau, telephone and ethernet and cable hook up. Utilities (heat and electricity) are included in the housing costs. Residents will have use of a coin-operated washer and dryer.

You will need to bring:

  • Blankets
  • Extra long twin-size sheets
  • Bedspread or quilt
  • Pillow and pillowcases
  • Towels
  • Clothes hangers
  • Alarm clock

Other items that may be useful:

  • Extra desk lamp
  • Laundry bag
  • Shower caddy/basket to carry items
  • Surge Protectors
  • Extra-long phone cords
  • Storage boxes for under your bed
  • Radio

Please do not bring:

  • Your own mattress
  • Halogen Lamps (desk or torchiere)
  • Lava Lamp
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • George Forman Grills

International students should also bring the following:

  • Passport
  • I-20 Form or IAP-66
  • Documentation of all financial support
  • (bank statements, affidavit from sponsor, etc…)
  • Medical documents
  • Health insurance
  • (if you are not using ClarkUniversity insurance)
  • Medication
  • (at least one-month supply of prescription medication)


Graduate Housing Staff:

  • You will have a Resident Adviser (RA) assigned to your building. Your RA will be welcoming you to your new living space, please work with them to develop a positive, respectful, and safe community. Your RA will be organizing programs for you and your neighbors to participate and benefit from. Please reach out with them if you have any questions or concerns, they are here as a resource!
  • Add “ Repair/Maintenance Requests”:
  • We understand that certain issues come up with maintenance and repair. We want to provide the best assistance we can to improve your experience living in the graduate houses. If something is broken, malfunctioned, or not properly working, please submit a “work request” to Physical Plant, and they will respond to your request as soon as they can.
  • Here are some reasons you may want to submit a work request:
    • Heating issues
    • Repairs for shades, door, lock, sink, bed, dresser, desk, kitchen, etc.
    • Insect/rodent concerns
  • Please be aware there will be charges associated with inflicted damage, but there will be no charges on damages related to wear and tear.
  • Here is how to submit a work request:
    • Click on this link: (
    • Select “Submit a Request” on the left hand side
    • Fill out the information prompted
    • Wait for Physical Plant (PP) will respond (they’re quite efficient). If it is an urgent concern, notify your RA and try calling PP at (508) 793- 7566