Residential Life and Housing

Applying for 2016-2017 Graduate Housing

New or returning Students interested in applying for Clark University Graduate Housing should submit the following. Be sure to read and understand the Graduate Housing Contract completely.

  1. Please submit an electronic Graduate Housing Request Form.
    • An email will be sent to the email address you provide instructing you how to verify your email address. You must follow the instructions in this email to confirm your application is real.
  2. In order to be assigned to Graduate Housing, you must submit a $1000.00 non-refundable deposit.
    • If you are a new applicant, a previous applicant not currently living on campus this semester, or a current resident not interested in deferral, please follow the steps below to pay your deposit:

      a. Current graduate students (with a Clark ID) must pay their deposits online through CU Web. On CU Web, visit Student Accounts link > Pay Your Student Account, and that will open a new browser. In this new browser you will have the option to pay a housing deposit (be sure to pay $1000.00).
      b. New graduate students can submit the $1,000.00 housing deposit by logging in to the Admission Deposit Page using the ID and PIN provided in your admission letter. Once you have signed in, click the > Pay Deposit link, click the > Make payment/deposit/cash card link on the top menu bar, select > NEW ADMIT Graduate - Housing Deposit option, and follow the remaining instructions to pay using your preferred form of payment (credit card or ACH). (Note that if you choose to pay with a credit card, there is a 2.75% service fee).
      c. Once your payment has been made, please contact Residential Life and Housing to alert them of your payment. RLH will confirm payment with Student Accounts and once confirmed, will update your application to show that your deposit has been paid.
  3. Once your deposit has been received, your application will be processed in the order it was completed and you will receive notification of your placement following the placement schedule outlined in the Graduate Housing Contract.

Deposits are non-refundable for any student offered a Graduate Housing assignment and who chooses not to accept that assignment for any reason. Graduate Students who are formally waitlisted (in writing) for housing may request to have their deposit refunded if they choose to live elsewhere during their waitlisted period.

Graduate Summer Housing

Graduate Summer Housing is FREE for any resident who signs a "Full Year" contract to live in graduate housing next year. The same cancellation fees apply for students moving into Summer Housing as do for Full Year contracts. For "Fall Only" or current residents who are not interested in living on campus next year, graduate summer housing is available for $20 per day. Any summer graduate resident not living on campus in the fall must be moved out by July 15th at the latest to allow time for Physical Plant to clean the rooms for the fall residents. If you are interested in Graduate Summer Housing please contact the Office of Residential Life and Housing.