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Undergraduate Housing Selection & Lottery

These webpages contain information pertaining to all areas of the 2017-2018 Housing Selection & Lottery process.  The information in these pages pertains to current undergraduate students who are interested in living in Clark University RLH Housing next year.  Incoming First-Year and Transfer students, as well as Graduate Students have different selection processes and do not participate in these selection processes.  Housing Selection and Lottery has many exciting aspects to it, which RLH hopes including making the process easier, faster, and more transparent.  In addition to the online process of declaring your housing intentions, there will be opportunities to assist you with finding a roommate, real time updates of spaces that are still available, and information sessions in the residence halls to discuss the process.
Changes for 2017-2018
There are some exciting housing changes that for housing selections. This site guides you through those changes.

  • Johnson-Sanford Center Modifications:  The Johnson-Sanford Center is moving to become upperclassmen housing for Fall 2017.  This will include some slight modifications to JSC, including transitioning 18 doubles into 7 suites; six 8-person suites, and one 4-person suite.  We will allow students currently living in Dana and Hughes to select “same room” if the space matches in JSC. 

You should also be sure to understand the following about the Housing Selection process:

  • Summer Room Change Process:
    Each student who selects that they would like on campus housing for the 2017-2018 academic year must pick a bed space during selection.  We understand that there are only so many bed spaces in each building and that students are not always able to select the spaces that they want during selection.  Knowing this, we will allow students to request a room change over the summer.  Students will be placed on a waiting list for the buildings that they want to live in. As spaces open up over the summer, RLH will contact these students regarding room change.  To help create equity in the process students will be offered room changes, based on vacancies in reverse lottery number order, by class. Summer room changes will open on June 1, 2017.
  • Register For On AND OFF Campus Housing: All current residential students are presumed to be remaining on-campus next year unless they indicate otherwise. Students who choose to move off-campus must register for Off-Campus Housing through the online form available on the housing & dining self-service page. This process collects basic information about where you will be living which helps the University to meet the Missing Student Notification requirements of the Clery Act. We will assume that current resident students who do not submit a request for either on-campus or off-campus housing will be staying in housing and they will receive a lottery number automatically. Please submit the form regardless of where you will be living!
  • Paperless Process: No more printing and signing forms, no more mailing applications in from abroad; for the second year in a row, Housing Selection is entirely online. Students can simply sign on to their account and access all relevant applications.  It is important that all students applying for Housing Lottery understand that by selecting a room at Housing Lottery, you are committing to a one-year housing contract. 
  • If you make different plans AFTER participating in Housing selection: 
    • Students ASSIGNED a room at Lottery who then go abroad for the fall will be charged a $300 contract cancellation fee. 
    • Students who select a room and then elect to live off campus will be charged a $1000 contract cancellation fee. 
    • Students who receive a Lottery Number but who do not select a room at all will be charged a $100 contract cancellation fee. 
    • Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence from Clark before the start of the Fall Semester will be charged a $100 contract cancellation fee.
  • Current undergraduate students participating in a 5th year or graduate study program can participate in the undergraduate room selection process for Apartment Lifestyle Housing only. These students will need to agree to the terms of the Undergraduate Housing Contract.  They may also choose instead to apply for Graduate Housing.  Graduate Housing Applications will be available in March.
  • Students who decide after Lottery to apply for housing will apply for the Housing Waitlist. The Housing Waitlist is different from the summer room change process in that students on the Housing Waitlist are assigned after students in the Summer Assignment process. Unlike the guaranteed Summer Assignment list, Clark does not guarantee housing for the waitlist (but likely will be able to house everyone regardless). If you are concerned about having housing next year, be sure to apply on time!
  • Please remember that all students are required to live in housing for four semesters. All sophomores are required to live on-campus unless participating in a study abroad program. Your personal THD account will indicate whether you are permitted to live off campus by displaying the off-campus application option if you meet the necessary criteria.

Online Room Selection Video Tutorials     
Clark students are able to select from anywhere (with a stable internet connection). This live process allows students the ability to search and see what is available at that exact moment, find a roommate, and make roommate groups for the upcoming year all with a few clicks. One of the advantages to using this system is that students are able to select their own assignments and know where they will be living as soon as they select and confirmation is provided at the completion of the process.
Adam Keyes, Associate Dean of Students, voices the video tutorials posted below. The videos will take you step-by-step through the major elements of the online room selection process. Each step in the process has been posted as a separate video. You may click below to view only the step you need, or view all steps to get a better understanding of the entire process.
For more information, please contact the Residential Life and housing Office at (508) 793-7453, send us an email at or visit us on the 1st floor of Corner House, Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm.


2017-2018 Housing Lottery Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Completing an application & retaining a room (4:18) ready for review

Forming a roommate group (:59) ready for review

Accepting or declining roommate group invitation (1:33) ready for review

Understanding my appointment (1:37) ready for review

Dissolving a roommate group (:58) ready for review

Searching and selecting a room (:43)ready for review


Housing Lottery Information Sessions

Coming to a Hall near you,
Meet face to face with Adam Keyes and Kate Cassidy to review the selection process

Feb. 13th: Hughes, Ground Level Lounge @ 5PM

Feb. 14th JSC, 3rd Floor Lounge @ 7PM

Feb. 15th Maywood, 1st Floor Lounge @ 8PM

Feb. 16th Wright Hall, 3rd Floor Lounge @ 6PM & Bullock Hall, 3rd Floor Lounge @8PM

Lottery Information Sessions

Did you know that housing updates can be followed live via social media?
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