Residential Life and Housing

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Individual Housing Lottery

Individual Housing Lottery (formerly Flex-Fill housing) allows students who wish to experience Suite Lifestyle or Apartment Lifestyle Housing without needing to have a full suite of students. Students interested in pursuing an Individual Housing Assignment must be aware of and agree to the following parameters:

  • Individual housing assignments are filled first come, first filled and is only available during Housing Lottery - it does not apply to Same Room Sign-Up.
  • Only one room may be selected per lottery number. For example, four students can not select multiple parts of a Individual Assignment room using the best number in the group the way they could a four person suite.
  • Students interested in an Individual Assignment understand that the suite or apartment has a predetermined gender that alligns with born sex. These units will not be gender-neutral.
  • If you have decided that Individual Assignment housing fits your needs, you will want to pay close attention to the availability. The housing options available are viewable in your housing portal as of April 4, 2016 under "2016-2017 Individual Assignment Room Selection".