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Blackstone Hall Project

Building Today for Tomorrow

In May of 2006, Clark University broke ground on Blackstone Hall, a new apartment style residence hall.  This state of the art facility opened to students for the 2007-2008 academic year, and primarily houses junior, senior, and graduate students.

Blackstone Hall, located along Beaver Street and Florence Street, is home to up to 208 students and features modern amenities such as central air conditioning and full kitchens with dishwashers.  To make room for this new hall, 7 houses were demolished and recycled, including 87, 85, 83.5, 83, and 81 Florence Street, and 18/20, and 30 Beaver Street.  Each apartment unit houses 4 or 6 students in a mix of double and single rooms.  All aspects of this project were carefully planned and reviewed by students and staff alike, and we are all confident that Blackstone Hall will be a place that students will be proud to call home for many years to come.

Architect's rendering of the view of Blackstone Hall from Beaver Street

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  Calendar of Progress

Aug 2007 Blackstone Hall opens for the 2007-2008 year.
Jul 2007 Furniture is scheduled to arrive on July 9, 2007.  Landscaping continues.  "Punch-list" and detail items are addressed.  Building is completed and ready for occupany.
Jun 2007 Flooring is completed.  Appliances arrive and are installed.  Landscaping work is performed including sidewalks, site lighting, and irrigation systems.  Building signage is installed and painting is completed.  Building start-up and commissioning is performed.
May 2007 New flooring begins going down as it arrives.  Flooring in the hallways, as well as slate flooring in the main lobby is laid.  Mahogany ceilings, study room walls, and other millwork items are installed.
Apr 2007 Cork problems resulted in a change of floor covering to a recycled vinyl faux wood floor.  Trim and woodwork  throughout building is underway.  Exterior zinc work resumes with the return of warm weather.
Mar 2007 Cork flooring and carpeting installation begins. Lighting fixtures and misc. electrical details are finished. Most work in February continues on other sections.
Feb 2007 Window box installation continues.  Detailed interior finish work continues.  Kitchen cabinets and countertops are being installed.
Jan 2007 Brickwork finishes, window boxes are being installed.  Interior work shifts from basic layout to more detailed finish work.
Dec 2006 Interior work continues as the exterior is wrapping up.  Brickwork remains on building X.  Windows begin arriving and being installed.
Nov 2006 Interior work advances to the sheetrock and detail stage.  Brickwork continues.
Oct 2006 Layout, steel studs, and brickwork continues on all sections.
Sep 2006 Steel erection continues on sections X and Y.  Layout, steel studs, and brickwork begins on section Z.
Aug 2006 Steel erection of section Z begins.  Work continues on footings and slab work for sections X and Y.
Jul 2006 Footing work continues, underground wire conduits and plumming is laid before section Z concrete slab is poured.
Jun 2006 Footing and foundation work begins on section Z.  Structural demolition of houses occurs.
May 2006 Construction begins with clearing of site and interior demolition of houses to be removed.

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