Residential Life and Housing

Dana Hall

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Dana Hall is one of four halls designated as a mixed class hall.  Dana Hall houses 157 students in a variety of room configurations.  Dana Hall is located along Florence Street on the the south side of the campus.  Dana Hall is within a short walk of Dana Commons, Carlson Hall, the Lasry Center for Bioscience, the Higgins University Center,  and the Maywood Street, Hughes, and Bullock Residence Halls.

Dana Hall Facilities:

Dana Hall features shared common space, including a large social lounge on the basement level, laundry facilities, and a variety of kitchens, semi-private, and private bathrooms.

Dana Hall Suites and Rooms:

Dana Hall incorporates a variety of single, double, and triple rooms both in and outside of suites.  Rooms in suites share a private bathroom and common area.  Other rooms share semi-private bathrooms and shared kitchens.  There are 63 doubles, 22 singles, and 3 triples in Dana.  Of those, 20 doubles, 8 singles, and 1 triple are located within suites.  Almost all rooms are unique in shape and size, but regardless of layout each room is equipped with beds and mattresses (extra long twins), desks, chairs, bookshelves, built in closets, and window drapes.  Also provided is telephone, cable, and high speed internet service.

Please note: because of the variety of room size and shapes in Dana Hall, we can not provide specific room dimensions.

Gender Neutral Bathroom Information:

The Majority of bathrooms in this Residence Hall are gender neutral.  Each bathroom is single stalled and lockable and contains a shower and toilet.  There are also a few non-gendered bathrooms that have two stalls and two showers.

Dana Hall
Basement Floor

Dana Hall
First Floor

Dana Hall
Second Floor

Dana Hall
Third Floor