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Bullock Hall

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Bullock Hall serves as one of three First Year Residence Halls at Clark University. Bullock Hall houses 130 students, and like in Wright Hall and Sanford Hall, all of them are engaged in the Residential FYE (First Year Experience) program. The unique opportunities and sense of community experienced in an FYE Hall are just the start of Bullock Hall's many great attributes. Bullock Hall is located in the absolute center of campus, right across the path from Jonas Clark Hall, and within a minute walk from the Higgins University Center, Kneller Athletic Center, Goddard Library, Carlson Hall, University Police Station, Parking Garage and Dana, Hughes, and Maywood Street Residence Halls.

Bullock Hall Facilities:

Bullock Hall was extensively remodeled in the Summer of 2010.  The redesign provided Bullock with all new bathrooms, common rooms, kitchen, and laundry facilities.  For more details see the slideshow below or visit the Bullock and Wright Renovation page.  Bullock Hall features abundant social and study space throughout its three floors.   There is a social lounge on every floor, and smaller sitting nooks scattered around.  On the first floor you will find a 8 foot billiards table, vending machines, and a multimedia study room with computer terminal and a 52" flat screen monitor.  On the second floor you will find two seperate lounge areas and a laundry center with computer terminal.  On the third floor are more lounges, as well as a quiet study room and a kitchen for residential use.  Bullock Hall features common bathrooms with privacy partitions for showering.

Bullock Hall comprises 61 double rooms and 7 single rooms.  There are 5 Resident Advisers and 1 Area Coordinator living in Bullock Hall.  Rooms are equipped with beds and mattresses (extra long twin), desks, chairs, bookshelves, built in closets, and window shades.  Also provided is telephone, cable, and high speed internet service.

Bullock Hall double rooms are approximately 12' wide by 15' 6" long, with one large window (6' wide by 5" high) opening directly across from the room door.  The built in closets mounted on either side of the room door reduce overall moveable space to approximately 12' by 13' 3".

Gender Neutral Bathroom Information:

Each wing has a communal bathroom consisting of multiple stalled toilets and stalled showers. Each bathroom also has a handicapped stall. Bathrooms are gendered each year based on the students living in that wing. There is also one gender neutral single stalled bathroom with no shower.

Bullock Hall
First Floor

Bullock Hall
Second Floor

Bullock Hall
Third Floor