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Introducing the Johnson Sanford Center

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On Wednesday, March 21 the Clark University Board of Trustees approved plans for the renovation of Johnson and Sanford Halls into a combined residential center.  This new building will house up to 297 students and will be known as the Johnson Sanford Center.  This renovation work will begin in May and conclude in August in time for the start of the 2012-2013 academic year.  This project is phase one of a two-phase plan which will conclude next summer with similar renovations to Dana and Hughes Hall, ultimately creating the Dana Hughes Center (unfortunately it was not possible to do both projects in the same year although we tried hard to do so).

So what does the Johnson Sanford Center renovation entail?
There are a number of improvements that will come from this project.  These include:

  • Improving accessibility:  One of the most important outcomes of this project is allowing for students of all abilities to access all of the Johnson Sanford Center through a new elevator connecting all levels to both the quad and street sides.
  • Creating social lounge spaces:   This renovation will create many new social lounge spaces, similar to those found in Wright and Bullock.  In the Johnson Sanford Center many of these spaces will be located in the new connecting building which will feature double height lounges with plenty of natural lighting from glass exterior walls both on the Florence Street and Fuller Quad sides.  There are over 10 social lounge areas incorporated in the Johnson Sanford Center
  • Creating quiet study spaces:  This renovation will create 4 dedicated study rooms.
  • Creating group and project space:  When working on projects with a group, students will be able to take advantage of private, quiet spaces including a multimedia study room like those found in Bullock and Wright, as well as a dedicated meeting room.
  • Better Laundry facilities:  As we have done in other renovations, the new laundry facility in the Johnson Sanford Center will be found on the top floor.
  • Better lighting:  Through concurrent lighting upgrades we expect the existing areas of Johnson and Sanford Halls to be much brighter and cheery than ever before.
  • Outdoor space: The Johnson Sanford Center will have an outdoor terrace located on the 4th floor, similar to the one found on Blackstone Hall.
  • Sensible (Re) Numbering:  The combined Johnson Sanford Center will be 5 floors in total.   Due to the elevation differences between Johnson and Sanford, the existing floor levels do not line up.  Rather than having Johnson 349 next to Sanford 211, the entire building will be renumbered so that floors are consistent.  This means the current Sanford 1st floor will actually be the second floor of Johnson Sanford… etc.  The complete floor charts can be viewed online.
  • Continued commitment to the Wellness Floor:  The Johnson Sanford Center fourth floor will be the Wellness Floor.  This mixed class area continues to support the many First Year, Returning, and Transfer students at Clark who seek a healthy, substance free living environment.  Students who have signed up for Special Interest Housing may select rooms on the Johnson Sanford Wellness Floor at Special Interest Lottery on Monday.

Who will live there?
While the Johnson Sanford Center will continue to house mostly First Year and Transfer students, There will be around 60 returning students who have the opportunity to select a room in the Johnson Sanford Center at Lottery next week.  In addition many Automatic Assignment students will be placed there as spaces saved for First Year and Transfer students are opened up over the summer.

What does this mean for current residents?
Due to the short construction timeline, any students currently living in Johnson or Sanford who need to stay past the May 9th closing deadline for any reason will need to be relocated to another space on campus in order to begin work at noon on May 9th.  Similarly, it is possible that fall residents may need to be temporarily housed if they are returning early for any reason.   We will contact residents with more details as they are known.

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The new floor plans for the Johnson Sanford Center can be viewed online here