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Spring Buy-Outs

Details About Vacancy Buy-Outs:

For the Spring 2015 Semester RLH is offering students with vacancies the opportunity to secure those spaces against being reassigned to a new roommate.  Students in double rooms with confirmed or expected vacancies will have the opportunity to buy-out the vacancy in their rooms for $1200.  Students who do this will be all but guaranteed that no student will moved into their room*.  Students in Triple rooms may buyout vacancies as well, and will split the total cost of the buy-outs among remaining roommates. 

Buy-outs are only available during specific windows of opportunity.  Any spaces remaining after spring 2015 opening on January 11, 2015 may be bought out.   If a student is not assigned over the break and a student decides they would like to buy-out the room after they get their spring housing assignment confirmation email in January, they will have until 5:00PM on Friday, January 16, 2015 to do so.  After this time no buy-outs will be offered for existing vacancies and these vacancies will be offered for relocation requests and administrative assignments.  Students who acquire a vacancy in their room during the semester because a roommate moves out or withdraws from Clark will have 5 days from their roommate's move out date to buy-out the space.  After this period ends these vacancies will also be offered for relocation requests and administrative assignments.  All partial semester buy-out costs are pro-rated for the number of days the room is bought out.

Submit a Double Buy Out Request

* Please note that in an emergency it could be possible that RLH would have to assign a student to a buy-out room.  If this were to happen the student would be refunded the full buy-out cost for the entire semester.  We do not expect this will happen.