Residential Life and Housing


Residence Halls open at different times for different students. Please refer to the list below for details on the most common arrival times.

  • Graduate Students living in Clark Housing may arrive starting August 1st. Please contact RLH prior to your arrival to coordinate key pickup.
  • Summer Housing Residents moving directly from summer to fall housing will be transitioning to their fall rooms beginning August 3rd - depending on when your fall room is ready.
  • Pre-Orientation Programs: Incoming students participating in a Pre-Orientation Program (ACE, Athletes, Clark Trek, International Student Orientation, Connections, Early Orientation, etc.) will be notified by their Pre-Orienatation coordinator(s) regarding their specific arrival details.
  • First Year Students: Incoming First Year students move in beginning at 9:00AM on Wednesday, August 22nd for those not arriving for any pre-orientation programs. First Year Students coming from over 500 Miles away may request to come on May 21st (see below).
  • Transfer Students: Incoming Transfer Student move in begins at 10:00AM on Thursday, August 23nd for those not arriving for any pre-orientation programs. Transfer Students coming from over 500 Miles away may request to come on May 22nd (see below).
  • Returning Students: Residence Halls open for returning students at 9:00AM on Sunday, August 26th for those not invited back to assist with various orientation programs or other committments. Returning students may request to return up to 72 hours early for a daily fee (see below).

Live 500+ miles from campus?

First-year and Transfer students who live 500 or more miles from Clark and who are not coming for a pre-orientation program may request permission to arrive on campus a day early (Tuesday, Aug. 21st for FY Students, or Wednesday, August 22nd for Transfer students). To request permission, please contact Kevin Forti by Aug. 1. For those students receiving permission, residence halls will open at noon on their arrival date. Please pick up your key at the Residential Life and Housing Office located at 151 Woodland Street (Formerly 22 Downing Street). If arriving after 5:00PM, keys will be available at University Police.

Important: Please note that this allowance is only free for first-year students living 500 or more miles away, and is available only for a daily fee for winter break and in subsequent years.

Returning Student Contract Extension Requests

RETURNING Students who need to return before their arrival date may request to do so for up to 72 hours (3 days).  Students will be billed $50 per night ($75 per night if requested with less than 3 days notice) to stay on campus past their scheduled departure date.  Extension requests may be submitted online here: Contract Extension Request Form.