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Spring 2014 Sessions

If you are interested in any of these upcoming sessions (listed below), or if you have any questions, please contact

Getting More from Moodle
Would you like to know more about what Moodle can do other than hosting course readings and discussion groups? Join Cheryl Turner Elwell as she reveals some of the powerful--but less frequently leveraged--Moodle tools that you can start incorporating immediately into your courses. There will be plenty of time in this session for you to exchange ideas with your colleagues about things you've tried (or want to try).

Wine and cheese will be available.

February 26 from 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. in Goddard Library 422
(time approximate, session to follow Faculty Assembly)
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Flipping Your Classroom
In this live webinar, sponsored by Adobe, join Aaron Sams, as he speaks about the five mistakes one should avoid when flipping your class. When Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann (the pioneers of the Flipped Classroom movement) first started flipping their classes in 2007, they made a lot of mistakes. Take advantage of their extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field and avoid making mistakes whether you are flipping your entire course or just a few class sessions.

Brown Bag Lunch. Coffee, tea and water will be available.

February 27 from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in Goddard Library 422
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How We Flipped Our Class
Join Clark Professors John Magee and Fred Green for this session in which they will describe their own work at flipping the classroom last semester. They will let you know how much effort it took, the tools they used, how Clark students received the appraoch and what you might think about if you are considering doing it yourself.

March 12, time TBA


Fall 2012 Sessions

Students' Use and Perceptions of IT: The Annual ECAR Student and IT Study
This webinar, "The Annual ECAR Student and IT Study," will provide a unique look at students’ perceptions about technology use, trends, challenges, and opportunities in higher education. The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) conducts this annual study about undergraduates’ technology experiences and expectations in higher education. In 2013 ECAR partnered with 251 institutions (including Clark University), surveying more than 112,000 undergraduates about their technology perspectives. Join us to learn what students say about their technology experiences and hear ECAR’s plans to expand this work to include faculty perspectives.

November 12, 1:00 - 2:00, Goddard Library 422
To view the webinar recording, click here.
Or if you just want the slides, click here.

Monthly Tablet Users Group
In the Academic Technology Suite, we often swap names of our favorite apps, tips, tricks and ideas for neat ways to use tablet devices. If you want to be part of the conversation (and fun), we'd love to have you join us every month for a collaborative, collegial, participant-driven discussion about tablet devices and their use.

November & video recording, screen capture and web- conferencing with Skype and Google. Black Friday is right around the corner – we’re happy to help you think about your possible tablet purchases.

November 14, 12:00 - 1:00, Goddard Library 402

Active Learning Strategies for Large Lecture Classes
This session, organized by NERCOMP, will feature faculty speakers who will share some techniques they have used in the large lecture setting along with the World Cafe method to generate dialog, discussion and new ideas about ways to improve student engagement. Participants should be prepared to explore and engage with the themes of the day in an active, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere. Follow this link for the full agenda for this session.

December 9, 9:00 - 3:15, Umass-Amherst



Topics from previous years

PowerPoint Doesn't have to be Painful
Get some helpful tips and tricks on how to use your presentation software to inspire your audience instead of putting them to sleep. We will talk about strategies that can be employed to help punctuate points or explain difficult concepts in impactful ways.

Collecting Data with web-surveys
Web based surveys can be used to collect research data or even student information and feedback. You don't need to know programming languages in order to create and run sophisticated surveys. You will leave this session with the skills to create and run your own surveys.

Tablet Users Group
Come join the growing tablet group; share how you use your tablet, which apps are most useful and learn some tips and tricks to make your next class one students will never forget!

Creating interactive data visualizations
Collecting data is great, but communicating the meaning in data can be challenging. Tableau is a tool that helps easily create interactive data visualizations that can be embedded in a webpage or Moodle course.

Prezi PreZentations
Do you find the linear nature of presenting in PowerPoint binding and wish for a different method of presenting information? Prezi might be what you are looking for. Come to this hands-on session to learn how to use the tool.

Tablet Users Group
Augmented Reality in your mobile world. We will be talking about the growing possibilities that mobile devices can provide with augmented and enhanced reality.

Finding efficient models for online collaboration
When we are collaborating with others, tools like GoogleDocs allow real time writing collaboration online, cloud storage makes it easier to share documents with others, and there are other tools that can help facilitate virtual meetings. You will leave this session with effective strategies for streamlining your distance collaborations...

Using Word and Calibre to create an eBook
Electronic publishing or ePublishing is becoming a popular way of sharing text, books, and articles on the web and mobile devices. An eBook allows text to flow to adjust to the various sizes of electronic devices and offers some limited interactivity.

Tablet Users Group
End of the year wrap up. We will be getting together to talk about some useful apps to help you through the summer, both for relaxing and productivity.