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Poster Events

If you are a faculty member planning a poster assignment for your course, or a departmental administrator tasked with organizing a poster event, Academic Technology Services can help.

We can help you consider all of the logistics of the printing process, the types of questions students may ask, and how to budget for the cost. We can reserve time in our poster-printing schedule to ensure that submitted posters are printed in time for your event. If you participate in this service, we can also send a consolidated invoice to the department for easy processing and payment.

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Poster Events FAQs

What information do I need to provide to Academic Technology Services?

  • Event coordinator / contact person’s name, phone number and email address
  • Name and contact information of the person who will receive the final invoice (if different from the event coordinator)
  • Event title
  • Event Date
  • Submission deadline - When are students required to submit their posters for printing? Please read the FAQs below for guidelines
  • The estimated number of anticipated participants
  • A list of those students’ names - This information may be provided at a later date, after contacting ATS with your request, but should be sent before the submission deadline
  • Any other relevant information that may impact the timely production and delivery of your posters

How far in advance should I contact Academic Technology Services regarding my event?
Please contact Academic Technology Services with your request at least 2 weeks prior to your event. This will allow ATS time to make any arrangements necessary to assist you.

How far in advance should I make the submission deadline for my event?
Your deadline should be 8:00 AM at least 3 business days before the event. Events with 20+ posters may require extra lead-time.

What information do I need to provide to my students before they submit their posters?
Students will need to know the official title, date, and submission deadline for your event. Students will also need information regarding any poster credit for your event - the amount of the credit, and what the credit may be used towards (see below for more information.)

How do students submit their posters for printing?
Participants may submit their completed posters to Academic Technology services through our poster printing submission survey. Please instruct event participants to read the submission guidelines carefully before designing their posters. We also strongly encourage students to download a PowerPoint poster template (also available through the previous link) to avoid any issues with incorrectly formatted posters.

During submission, students should choose the appropriate option for “What is this poster for”. If your event is not listed as an option, participants should choose “Other” and enter the name of the event into the text field. For payment type, choose “Event Credit”.

What expenses are covered by an event credit?
The value of the credit and what will be covered is at the discretion of your department, but should be clearly communicated to event participants and Academic Technology Services. A standard 48”x36” matte color poster with average ink usage costs $25. Many event organizers choose to cover the cost of a standard poster, but do not cover “extras”.

Additional expenses may include:

  • Poster tubes - $5 per tube
  • Glossy paper - costs twice as much as matte paper
  • Ink surcharges for ink heavy posters - can range from $5 to $25 depending on the poster

As a final consideration, the department should decide how to handle unused credit for less expensive posters - can the remaining credit it be applied towards an “extra”?

For example, if the department offers a $25 credit, and a student prints a smaller poster that costs $12.50, can the student purchase a poster tube ($5) using the remaining credit?

How will we be billed for poster printing events?
After the event, the appropriate contact person will receive a consolidated invoice for the total cost of posters for the event. We can also provide a detailed breakdown of costs associated with each poster and participant if necessary. The appropriate staff member will then complete an interdepartmental requisition form covering the total cost of the credit, which can be mailed or delivered to Academic Technology Services c/o the ITS HelpDesk in the Academic Commons.

General information

Sample text for a student email (please modify to suit your needs)
The department will contribute up to $25 towards poster printing for each student preparing a poster (note that this covers a standard matte, 3’x4’ color poster with an average amount of ink. Larger posters or posters that require a lot of ink will cost more). Any additional cost over $25 will be the responsibility of the student.
Students should visit, and read carefully, the ITS website for instructions on how to prepare and submit their posters for printing. Please submit as early as possible, but the deadline is 8 AM [insert deadline date]. Posters submitted after the deadline are not eligible for the printing credit and we cannot guarantee that posters submitted after the deadline will be printed in time.

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