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Why is there a charge for posters for my class?
ITS's goal is to provide a service to Clark faculty, staff and students at a reasonable price that allows us to continue to offer that service. Our charges cover the cost of consumables for printing large format posters. Our costs include the ink and paper, as well as the replacement of print heads and ongoing maintenance. We do not charge for the staff time it takes to print posters or for the printer.

What software should I use when preparing my poster?
The most accessible and universal software for preparing your poster is Microsoft PowerPoint. It is installed on all computers in the general purpose computing labs.

I don't know how to design a poster, what should I do?

  1. Review the guidelines for poster preparation.
  2. Visit a web site on the topic of research poster preparation such as this one at NC State University
  3. Or, contact Academic Technology Services.

I want to use the University logo. Where can I get it?
University Communications maintains a Graphics Standards web resource with information about the use of the University logo, logotype, and mark and brand.

Are there specific fonts that I should use?
Since the font you use must also be available on the machine printing the poster, in general, we recommend using the core Microsoft fonts. They are Andale Mono, Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Webdings, Adobe Minion Web. If you choose to use a font not in this list, we cannot guarantee that the final output will be what you expect it to be.

Does ITS proof my work before they print?
No. Proofing is solely your responsibility. Please proof your work carefully before submitting for printing.

What if I make a mistake?

  • Proof your work carefully, word by word, line by line.
  • Don't rely solely on spell check. It's worthwhile to have several people proof your poster before submitting it for printing.
  • Mistakes submitted for printing become your responsibility. If we have to print a poster a second time because an error on your part, we will charge for each print.

What should I name my file?
The file name you choose must begin with your Clark username and exclude spaces and symbols. Example: jsmith-fallfestposter.ppt

How do I get my file to ITS for printing?
Submit your file via the online Printing Request Form.

How long does it take to print and where do I pick up my poster?
Typically it takes three working days for your poster to be printed. You will pick up your printed poster at the ITS Help Desk (Academic Commons). You must pay for your poster at the time of pickup. Payment can be made with cash or interdepartmental requisition only.

Submit your poster request online.