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In support of Clark University faculty and student research collaborations, Information Technology Services provides large format poster printing services in support of curricular and University objectives. The usual turn around time for posters submitted is 2-3 business days.

The poster printing service is not free. You will pay for your poster when you pick it up. You can check pricing here. Poster payments are made in the form or cash or interdepartmental requisition. For some events such as Academic Spree Day or Fall Fest, the University covers up to $25 of poster printing costs.


If you still have questions after reading the guidelines below, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you've read this page and still need help or have trouble with the request form, please contact for email-based assistance.

Printing Guidelines
If you have questions after reviewing these guidelines, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Please follow these guidelines carefully...

  1. Download and read the Poster Design Guidelines »
  2. Download Common Poster PPT Templates » OR Clark logos »
  3. Check pricing for poster printing here.
  4. Posters can be printed on either 36 or 42 inch wide paper. If you need a template to follow please download the templates avaiable in item #2 above.
  5. You should submit your file in either .ppt (Powerpoint) or .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.
  6. Backgrounds, large photos and significantly large areas of solid color or grayscale are generally not advised. In posters with graphics/text/ backgrounds that exceed approximately 30% ink coverage an ink surcharge may apply. Ink surcharges generally start at $5.00 and are calculated based on ink used per linear foot of the poster. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like specific information about how ink surcharges might apply to your poster.
  7. If photo graphics are used, utilize JPEG images instead of BMP. This will keep your poster file size small and it will print faster. The image quality does not suffer. PowerPoint images must be either JPEG or GIF format.
  8. Account for 1 inch margin on all sides of your poster.
  9. The ideal poster file size is under 5 MB.
  10. Make sure you put your username at the beginning of your poster-file name.
    Example: jsmith-fallfestposter.ppt
  11. ITS strongly advises you to print out a proofing copy of your poster at 8.5" x 11" before submitting the file to us (in Print, you can "scale to fit the paper"). This will help you to identify problems before a large-format print error occurs. You may find layout issues, typos, etc. in printing that you don't see on the screen.
  12. Submit your file for printing via the online Printing Request Form. Allow as much lead time as possible; posters are printed on a first-come, first-served basis.

We reserve the right to refuse requests that do not follow these guidelines. We equipped for "standard" academic and conference presentation poster printing. We are not a full-service professional print shop. If you require very large (long) posters (> 54 inches), professional imaging, color separation or poster printing from other applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), you may be better served by Curry Printing or an off-site vendor.

If, for any reason, we are not able to print the file you submit, we will contact you as quickly as possible to let you know.



Submit your poster request online.