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Streaming Server

When you want to deliver audio and video on the web there are many options these days, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. There are, however, occasions that you may not want to use one of those services. For example:

  • wanting to retain greater control over who can access your videos;
  • making links to copyrighted videos in your course (used under Fair Use exemptions or TEACH act); or
  • if you want to broadcast a live event.

In these cases, Clark University offers a streaming media server. We create directories on the server for all academic and administrative departments at Clark so content hosted on the server gets "friendly" and permanently linkable URLs or it may be embedded inside of other web pages.

To publish to the streaming server, one must be a member of the Clark community. If we are partnering with you to publish content on a regular basis, we may set you up with direct publishing access.

Supported audio and video formats:
The streaming server supports the following file formats: asf, asx, flv, fmv, mp3, mp4, swf, wma, wmv. If your video file is a different format we would be happy to work with you in converting it to one of the supported formats.

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Clark can also connect videos hosted on the streaming server (which we own the copyright to) to the University's Video Archive.

Please contact your Academic Technologist or Media Services team to help you with your streaming video needs