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Protecting Clark’s Email Reputation
In 2010, it was reported that 89% of the 107 trillion emails sent worldwide were SPAM. It is a constant battle to keep legitimate email flowing and in an effort to maintain the integrity of email coming from Clark, ITS has begun to enforce a limit on the number of recipients that can be sent in one email. This limit is 100 unique email addresses. This helps to protect the reputation of email servers that send all of Clark’s outgoing email if any one user’s account is sending mail that looks like SPAM. If any message is sent with more than 100 unique email addresses in the To, CC, or BCC fields, the message will not be delivered and a notification will be send to the sender of the message.

What is the Exchange Distribution List and why do we use them?
An Exchange distribution list is a group of email recipients that an Outlook user can send to. Typically, an Outlook user creates the distribution list, populates it with recipients and uses it when addressing an email. Instead of selecting individual users from and address book you can simply address the email to the distribution list and all those listed in the distribution list would receive the email. These distribution lists are unique for the user that created them. The 100 user limit applies to these distribution lists. If you have one you created with more than 100 users, the message will not be sent. If you need to distribute email to more than 100 users, then you should utilize the Clark University Mailing List Service.

What is the Clark University Mailing List Service and who uses it?
The Clark University Mailing List Service is a distribution list service designed to handle large amounts of email traffic. Students, faculty and staff can request the creation of a list in the system, but it is limited to official University business, e.g. students clubs or groups, class lists and department lists.

What are the benefits/drawbacks of the Clark University Mailing List Service?
Because the mailing lists are more controlled in our environment, you can have more than 100 subscribers to a list. The Mailing List Service is separate from Exchange, so when you send to a list within this system, it is counted as one recipient within Exchange. The Mailing List Service is powerful, offers more options than an Exchange Distribution list, and helps to protect the integrity of email sent from all Clark email accounts.

What does Clark ITS recommend?
ITS recommends that those Students, Faculty and Staff who require mailing lists use the Clark University Mailing List Service. Though the List Service cannot be used for personal business, the List Service provides better mailing list management. We ask that you utilize the Clark University Mailing List Service for official Clark business and use the Exchange distribution list for your personal mailing list needs.

How can I receive more information?
As always, questions can be directed to the Clark University Help Desk. To read more about the Clark University Mailing List Service, visit:
To learn more about Exchange distribution lists, visit:

Note: Microsoft has made a change in its latest Office release. Beginning with Office 2010, Microsoft now refers to "Distribution Lists" as "Contact Groups" UGH!

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