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Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed Browsing

What is Tabbed Browsing?
Tabbed Browsing is a feature built into most current web browsers that allow you to quickly switch between several web pages within a single web browser. Tabs automatically appear in the browser window when one or more pages are opened. Each open web page has its own tab, with the name of the specific web displayed on the tab.

What are the benefits of Tabbed Browsing?
Tabbed Browsing is extremely useful in a variety of situations. If you are reading a web page and would like to click a link without losing your place, you can open it in a tabbed window. After reading the new web page you can close the tab or just click on the previous page’s tab, keeping both pages viewable. For instance one benefit for Clark staff members who access Banner, Tabbed Browsing allows you to keep your Banner session open while you use the other tabs for additional web site browsing. Keep in mind that all websites do not behave the same way. Depending on the website developer, when clicking on a link, it might open in a new tab or open a new instance of the browser.
Tabbed Browsing also consumes less memory and computer resources than separate tiled-window browsing sessions. For more information on Tabbed Browsing, follow the links below.

How can I receive more information?
As always, questions can be directed to the Clark University Help Desk. To read more about Tabbed Browsing using Internet Explorer, visit:
with Safari, visit:

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