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Protect Your Data and The Data Of Others

Protect Your Data and The Data Of Others

The first thing to realize is that it is impossible to prevent all security threats from occurring but it is a good idea to think of ways that personal data about you, your students and your research can be compromised— that is lost or stolen with special attention paid to the type of data you value most.

When thinking about the value of your data, ask:

  • how easy or how likely it is that the data will be compromised?
  • how big a problem would be if a compromise did occur?
  • how susceptible data is to intentional and unintentional actions by colleagues?

For each of the situations you identify, think of how you can reduce or eliminate the potential threats. Here are some possible threats and solutions:

  • Threat: Personal Credit Card information on office computer from a software purchase or old emails with bank account information.
  • Solution: Run Identity Finder, software provided by ITS, and clear data using the shred command.
  • Threat: Old paper-based advisee records with social security number.
  • Solution: Use the University Funded document shredding service.

For more information about Identity Finder or secure shredding, contact the ITS Help Desk.

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