Information Technology Services

Purchasing Hardware and Software

Are you shopping for computers or software for student or home use? We can help!

One of the benefits of being affiliated with Clark is that you are eligible for educational pricing on computer hardware & software. Clark has partnerships with HP, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and e-Academy to offer hardware and software at discounted pricing.

The ITS team recognizes that navigating the plethora of hardware and software options available on the market can be both confusing and frustrating. As such, we have put together recommendations of configurations aimed at lasting at least 3-4 years (or more depending on your needs). These recommendations are published at:

You can take these recommendations to stores with you when you are shopping, or visit to find links to not only the different hardware vendors we get discounts from, but a comparison matrix to compare similar computer configurations between vendors. If you decide to purchase one of the configurations, please note that you are purchasing directly from the vendor; neither Clark nor ITS is processing your purchase(s).

If you are looking for software, visit: to avail yourself of significant discounts on everything from Adobe Creative Cloud to Microsoft Windows 7. Note that the offerings listed are for home/student use. If you are looking for software to install on a University owned computer, please contact the ITS Help Desk, as those discounts can be even greater.

ITS is committed to helping you make a good investment in technology. If you have any questions, need help or advice, please let us know.

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