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Never Reveal Your Password

Especially if someone emails you asking for it

The Keys to Everything

These days we are online more frequently than ever. We shop online, do our banking, log into our personal and work email while accessing financial information, health data, and private documents. In a professional context, this may encompass anything considered crucial to the success of the organization: trade secrets, financial data, intellectual property, customer lists and these lists go on and on.

I can’t find the Keys

The fact is passwords are a huge hassle and to add to the frustration many organization have different password complexity requirements. Nevertheless, if we use weak passwords, we increase the possibility of unscrupulous individuals easily hacking our accounts and risk so much of our private and confidential information.

Use the Deadbolt on the Door

Get in the habit of changing your password at least once a year. Make the password long with uppercase, lowercase and alphanumeric characters and add special characters to create a virtually non crackable password. When choosing a password, do not use dictionary words; also, do not use personal information in your passwords. Hackers have many tools at their disposal and those tools involve running programs that will try to resolve your password with known dictionary words, forward and backwards along with foreign words.

Call the Locksmith

When choosing a password, follow a few simple steps from Microsoft to create a secure password:

and follow this link to test a password for strength:

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