Information Technology Services

Out of Office Assistant

Not interested in working during your vacation?  Can’t say I blame you.  You can leave an Out of Office message on your mailbox that will respond to incoming mail with a message you create.

If you are using Outlook 2003 or higher you can go to the Tools menu and choose the Out of Office Assistant.

In the “AutoReply” box type in the text of your away message.  Be sure to include the dates you will be out and any alternative contact information.

Then click the “I am currently Out of the Office” radial button and click OK.

Now when new messages arrive, each sender will receive the Out of Office reply.  Please note that they will only receive this message once.  So if your boss sends you multiple emails while you are away s/he will only get your Out of Office message once.

This can also be done via Outlook Web Access (a.k.a. OWA).  After you log into OWA click the Options button.

You can then activate the Out of Office Assistant and type in your message in the AutoReply box.  When you have completed the message and checked the correct radial button, click the Save and Close button above.  This will activate the Auto Reply.

If you run into any problems once you’re on campus, please contact the Help Desk directly or 508-793-7745 for assistance.


Sharon Griffin Edson
July 2007