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Do you use Windows XP, Vista or 7? Do you find yourself having to cut & paste to move folders, documents or pictures to a specific location? There is a shortcut in Windows that gives you the ability to make moving data to a frequent location much quicker.

When you right-click on a folder or file, (in addition to copy & paste, and other functions) there is also a “Send To” option. The “Send to” menu lists several common locations to send your file or folder to.

The “Send To” menu can be modified to suit your needs. By modifying the “Send To” menu with a destination you specify, you can save several mouse clicks. For more information on modifying the “Send To” command in Windows XP, visit:

For Windows Vista and Windows 7, visit:

More “Send To” options in Windows 7: There is a way to expand and reveal more “Send To” destinations that are already present. For more information, visit:

When modifying your “Send To” settings, please make sure to understand that your computer may contain sensitive information and you should take precaution when moving sensitive data.

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