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Clark University Bulletin Board System

Instruction and Usage Guidelines

Digital Display (CUBBS) Templates

The creation of content for display on CUBBS is the responsibility of the group/organization submitting the display request. See the Submission Guidelines and Helpful Hints for design expectations.

Below are sample PowerPoint files that can be used as templates for content submissions. Note that font sizes should be 24 or larger to ensure that is it legible on the screens.

If you would rather design from scratch, please use the "blank" template below to ensure your slides are properly sized for the screens.

If you need assistance or aren't following one of the templates and want to know if your design will work on the displays, contact us at

CUBBS Blank Template

CUBBS PPTx Template 1

CUBBS PPT Template 1

CUBBS PPT Template 2

CUBBS PPTx Template 1

CUBBS PPTx Template 2

CUBBS PPT Template 3

CUBBS PPT Template 4

CUBBS PPTx Template 3 CUBBS PPTx Template 4