Information Technology Services

Request Guest Access to Clark Resources

Access to University computing resources is not a privilege extended as a rule beyond current members of the faculty, staff and student body. Occasionally faculty and staff have collaboration or other work requirements that necessitate access for non-Clark community members to computing resources on our network. On these occasions the faculty/staff member may sponsor a request for guest access.

These requests for extraordinary access privileges by outsiders are assessed on an individual basis. The general guidelines that apply to consideration are:

  • Only cases requiring external access for essential university activities will be considered;
  • Any granted access over the Internet must meet our specifications for security;
  • All requests for non-Clark community members to access ClarkNet resources must be sponsored by a Clark faculty or staff member.
  • All requests for access must specify an end date.

The faculty/staff member assumes responsibility for the accounts and any use of them by the external parties. All accounts are bound by the Policy on Appropriate Use of Clark's Computing Resources. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to inform guests of this policy and of the guidelines for use of their account.

If you have questions regarding the status of your application, please contact the Help Desk at (508) 793-7745 or via email.

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