Information Technology Services

Data and Operational Technology Committee

The Data and Operational Technology Committee (DOT) provides an efficient and practical means of requesting, evaluating, and tracking projects that involve the use of technology in support of non-curricular initiatives. DOT critically assesses IT applications, systems and reporting needs, identifying key opportunities to leverage our IT investments. Members of the DOT Committee are accountable to the Strategic Information Technology Committee (SIT) and:

  • Advise the SIT on issues, standards, and policies pertaining to the use of the University's IT applications and data systems.
  • Provide a channel for the concerns and suggestions of the Clark staff to the university's planning and evaluation processes.
  • Assess and prioritize mandatory maintenance (regulatory updates, software upgrades, service packs, security patches, etc.) to administrative and data reporting systems.
  • Identify, assess, and prioritize enhancements (to fill gaps in current functionality and/or deliver new functionality) to administrative systems and data reporting.
  • Facilitate activities that foster the improved use of new or existing technologies.
  • Encourage the adoption of new and existing technologies and revise business processes to leverage the advantages of that technology.
  • Follow up with project sponsors after implementation to track actual outcomes against the expected outcomes as described in the proposals.
  • Coordinate and resolve cross-application and cross-organizational issues and requests with respect to administrative IT applications.
  • Evaluate all project proposals, prioritize and, if appropriate, endorse project proposals so that they can be passed to SIT for further review/approval.

DOT Members:

Adam Keyes

Dean of Students Office
Assistant Dean of Students (Chair)

Becky Frieden

Information Technology Services
Director, Administrative Services

Lisa DeMings

Information Technology Services
Director of Enterprise Applications

Terry Malone

Undergraduate Admissions
Director of Admissions

John Ohotnicky

Registrar’s Office

Kathy Cannon

Business and Financial Services

Matt Malsky

Dean of the College Office
Dean of the College

Elissa Lu

Director of Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research

Jerry Czub

Graduate School
Director of Graduate Enrollment Management

Mary Ellen Severance

Financial Aid Office

David Everitt

Human Resources

Paul Milinos

University Advancement
Executive Director of Advancement Services

Paul Wykes

Budget Office
Chief University Budget Officer