Information Technology Services

Strategic Information Technology Committee

The Strategic Information Technology Committee (SIT) is the University's senior IT governance team. The primary function of the SIT Committee is to align technology strategies and investments with the University's strategic goals and priorities. The SIT Committee fulfills this role by establishing annual and long-range technology goals, establishing University-wide technology standards and practices, approving major investments in technology and overseeing university-wide technology initiatives. SIT oversees the University's IT governance environment and is responsible for approving the charges to, and providing input to, the annual agendas for other IT advisory committees. Members of the SIT are accountable to the President and will:

  • Ensure that IT investments contribute positively to institutional performance goals, generate business/academic value, and/or mitigate the risks.
  • Establish principles and guidelines to inform technology priority setting across the University.
  • Approve major technology investment initiatives; resolve resource allocation issues; and ensure projects are fiscally responsible.
  • Review, recommend and approve IT-related policies, including information security policies, and significant changes to IT service levels; communicate these decisions to the Clark community as appropriate.
  • Prioritize and balance the risk and service levels associated with core IT functions of capacity, security and recoverability.
  • Review data and technology intensive responsibilities in Information Technology Services and academic/administrative departments to ensure a shared understanding of expectations and workloads.
  • Identify information technology opportunities that have potential strategic benefit; delegate review of these opportunities to appropriate groups as needed.

SIT Members:

Pennie Turgeon

Vice President for Information Technology/CIO (chair)

Julie Dolan

Executive Vice President/CFO

Davis Baird

Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost