Information Technology Services

Introducing Unified Messaging Voicemail

Information Technology Services has been working behind the scenes to ensure all necessary systems are in place prior to completing the launch of our new voice mail system University-wide.

The new voicemail system is part of Microsoft™ Exchange Unified Messaging. Over the course of the next couple of months a new mailbox will be created for each user and instructions will be provided for accessing and using the new system.

Unified Messaging offers combined inbox for both email and voicemail, with speech commands that let you:

  • Read your voice messages from your inbox with speech to text (If you chose to turn feature on)
  • Listen to your email and calendar items over the phone with text to speech
  • Search for contacts from the Global Address List and send them messages
  • Read or hear missed call information

The guide below is meant to be a tool to show you both the basic and advanced functionality of the voicemail portion of this communication platform.