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Clark WiFi

Clark Wireless Upgrade

Based on your feedback from the Student Life Surveys and the TechQual Survey, a new wireless infrastructure is being installed across campus that will provide 802.11ac coverage and quadruple the number of access points installed. The estimated completion date and current status of each specific location is noted below. Once a location is marked as complete, you should then expect to see improved wireless coverage there. You can check back here to monitor the progress. This page was last updated on August 3, 2015.

We want your feedback! If you are in a location that is marked as completed below and you are experiencing issues with your wireless connection, please let us know. If you've noticed improved service in a location that's completed, we'd love to hear that too. You can email, call 508-793-7745, or visit us in the Academic Commons at Goddard Library.

Additional information about the wireless upgrade can be found in our Upgrade FAQ's at

Residence Halls & Houses

LocataionCurrent StatusEstimated Date
13 Beaver StreetCompletedJuly 2014
Blackstone HallCoverage: Completed
Mounting: Completed
Improved Coverage: January 2015
Mounting: August 2015
Bullock HallCompletedJuly 2015
Dana HallCompletedJune 2015
Dodd HallCompletedJune 2015
157 Woodland Street
(Formerly 2 Downing Street)
CompletedJuly 2014
70 Florence StreetCompletedJuly 2014
Hughes HallCompletedJune 2015
Johnson HallCompletedJune 2015
906 Main StreetCompletedAugust 2014
914 Main StreetCompletedJuly 2014
926 Main StreetCompletedJuly 2014
930 Main StreetCompletedJuly 2014
934 Main StreetCompletedJuly 2014
Maywood HallCompletedJanuary 2015
1 Maywood PlaceCompletedJuly 2014
3 Maywood PlaceCompletedJuly 2014
21 Maywood PlaceCompletedJuly 2014
23 Maywood PlaceCompletedJuly 2014
Sanford HallCompletedJune 2015
112 Woodland StreetCompletedJuly 2014
114 Woodland StreetCompletedJuly 2014
Wright HallCompletedJuly 2015

Administrative and Academic Buildings

LocataionCurrent StatusEstimated Date
Administration CenterCompleted *January 2015
Admissions CenterCompletedAugust 2014
Alumni AffairsCompletedAugust 2014
Anderson HouseCompletedAugust 2014
Atwood HallCompletedNovember 2015
Beck HouseCompletedAugust 2014
Carlson HallCompletedJune 2014
Carriage HouseCompletedAugust 2014
Cohen-Lasry HouseCompletedAugust 2014
Corner HouseCompletedAugust 2014
Counseling & Health ServicesCompletedNovember 2015
Dana CommonsCompletedSeptember 2014
Dolan Field HouseCompletedAugust 2014
Estabrook HallCompletedOctober 2014
Gates HouseCompletedOctober 2014
Geography BuildingCompletedJune 2015
George Perkins Marsh InstituteCompletedNovember 2104
Goddard LibraryCompletedJuly 2014
Graduate SchoolCompletedAugust 2014
GSOM - SouthboroughCompletedJuly 2014
Harrington HouseCompletedNovember 2014
Higgins University CenterCompletedOctober 2014
IDCECompletedDecember 2104
IDRISICompletedOctober 2104
Jeanne X. Kasperson Research LibraryCompletedNovember 2014
Jefferson Academic CenterCompletedDecember 2014
Jonas Clark HallCompletedJuly 2014
Kneller Athletic CenterCompletedOctober 2014
Lasry Center for BioscienceCompletedOctober 2014
Little CenterCompletedAugust 2014
Math & PhysicsCompletedNovember 2014
Sackler Sciences CenterCompletedOctober 2014
Traina Center for the ArtsCompletedSeptember 2014

Outdoor Spaces

LocataionCurrent StatusEstimated Date
Alden QuadrangleCompletedOctober 2014
Campus SquareCompletedAugust 2015
Downing Street GreenspaceCompletedAugust 2014
Fuller QuadrangleCompletedAugust 2014
Granger FieldCompletedSeptember 2015
Kresge QuadrangleCompletedApril 2015
* Administration Center coverage upgrade deferred due to Main Street construction project and subsequent decomissioning of the Administration Center building.