Henry J. Leir Luxembourg Program

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Unfortunately, the course "The Science of Fermentation" had to be withdrawn for 2017. It will be offered in The May Term 2018, together with a course on "The European Union: Politics and Law". Please contact the Luxembourg Office for further information.

For The May Term 2017, students may enroll in the course "Europe at the Crossroads: Challenges to a Unified Europe".  Enrolled Clark students will receive normal day-college credit (1 full unit) upon successful completion.  

May Term 2017 Courses

Europe at the Crossroads: Challenges to a Unified Europe (Economics 005) will be taught by John Brown. See flyer with course description.

"Trump has bared his fangs to Merkel. He will do untold damage to Europe"- 17 January 2017, The Guardian

"What A Trump Presidency Means For Europe s Security" - 20 January 2017, The Huffington Post

Today s headlines tell us that we find ourselves in uncharted territory. The European Union is a unique experiment in international understanding that includes 28 countries and almost as many languages and cultures. Does the Brexit vote in the UK and the rise of European populism opposed to the European Union (EU) place the future of a Unified Europe in jeopardy?

This summer, The Henry J. Leir Luxembourg Program s May Term offers you the opportunity to explore this question, and others, on site in the heart of Europe. Taught by Clark Professor John Brown, the course, Europe at the Crossroads: Challenges to a Unified Europe, runs for ca. four weeks (May 16 to June 9, 2017) that feature a unique blend of classroom and experiential learning.

The course conducts field trips to relevant sites in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium that include presentations by people involved in numerous aspects of the European experiment: the common currency, migration, agricultural policies and the free movement of people. Among the field trips are: The Maginot Line (World War II French Defense Line) at Hackenberg, France; The European Economic and Social Commission in Brussels, Belgium; European Union Agencies in Luxembourg; The European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany (this will be an overnight trip); and other sites in the region.

In-class sessions provide the necessary background to the policies that make for a unified Europe. This course allows you to understand this historically critical juncture in this historical experiment to draw countries and peoples closer together by tearing down the walls that divide them.

"Europe at the Crossroads" carries one full Clark academic unit and a Global Comparative Perspective. It is taught in English, has no pre-requisites, and is open to all Clark students, including first-year students.