University Marketing and Communications

Blogging Tips and Standards

Note: Blogs will be monitored and read by Clark staff. If you have questions or concerns, or want to have your posts reviewed before making them live, email Wendy Linden at


Consider the tone of your posts. You are representing Clark and are an ambassador for the University. Your tone should reflect your personality, but be professional.

  • No profanity
  • Spell check.
  • Grammar check.


Like any print publication, blog posts should be written with care and proof read. Because the posts are immediate, it is even more critical that they are correct when live.


Include hyperlinks to the Clark department page for your major. Also consider hyperlinking to:

  • Any relevant Clark Web pages that relate to your project
  • The Clark social media page at


Take photos and include them where they can add meaning to your posts. Photo should be explained and again, chosen to represent your academic work. Use discretion when choosing photos. Do not use copyrighted images. Contact the Marketing and Communications Office if you can’t find a legal image or visit


Name your photos and caption them when possible. In your caption, try to use the word “Clark” so search engines will find the photos and then find Clark.

Leverage Clark YouTubeVideos

Interactive content is the number one driver to blogs. Search the Clark YouTube channel ( and use relevant videos on your blog.

Advisor/Peer Posting

Encourage your faculty advisor and fellow Clarkies to “Comment” on your posts. The more interaction the better.

Posting Frequency
Post at least once a week, more if possible. Staying active will entice readers and followers of your blog.


Once your blog is up and running, watch it, read it, mix it. See what’s working and be flexible, adjusting as you develop your project. Remember, we want to hear about successes and challenges along the way.


Tips after writing a blog post

June 2012