University Marketing and Communications

Maintaining Clark Web Sites

Choose a Web Content Manager

Each academic department and administrative office at Clark must select an individual who is responsible for maintaining the content on their official Web site. Generally, the Web Content Manager or WebCM should be a staff member within the department.

Existing Content/New Content

  • Web Content Managers are only responsible for editing existing content and keeping it up-to-date.
  • The creation of new content should be discussed with Marketing and Communications. Templates can be created for you prior to beginning any new content project.

Getting Permissions

  1. New Web Content Managers must undergo a short introduction to the Clark's Web policies and template with Deirdre Ni Chonaill, the Web Manager in Marketing and Communications.
  2. Once you've met with Deirdre, she will determine whether you need further software training. This can be requested from the
  3. Once this has been completed, please let Deirdre know and you be given permissions to edit the appropriate part of the Clark website.


  • Most web content managers use Contribute.
  • Some advanced content managers choose to purchase Dreamweaver as they are able to write HTML code. If you are interested in purchasing Dreamweaver, contact the ITS Help Desk at or 508-793-7745.

Keep in mind though that no software is actually required to edit Clark web pages. If you know HTML and would like to just use a secure-FTP (SFTP) program like Fetch or Filezilla, those tools are already on all Clark computers managed by ITS.