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Clark University's The State of Our Democracy symposium presented documentary filmmaker Eugene Jarecki and his award-winning film, "Why We Fight," on February 13, in Razzo Hall, Traina Center for the Arts, 92 Downing Street. This free, public event was part of Clark's Difficult Dialogues Program, funded by a major Ford Foundation grant and aimed at creating a culture of dialogue on campus.

"Why We Fight" won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and has gained critical acclaim in its candid exploration of the influence of the American military industrial complex on U.S. foreign policy. Jarecki depicts U.S. military history from World War II to the Iraq War to reveal the political, economic and ideological forces that propel America to war. Personal stories are interlaced with the commentary of academics, politicians, and Pentagon officials to give an eye-opening picture of America at war. A NYPD retired policeman who lost his son in 9/11, a Vietnamese refugee who manufactures bombs, a new Army recruit, and Iraqi victims are among those sharing their views on why we fight. Following the screening, Jarecki led a dialogue on issues of democracy raised in the film.

Eugene Jarecki
"Why We Fight"
February 13, 2007
Razzo Hall, Traina Center for the Arts, Clark University
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