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Zabrina Motwani

I was born in India, my dad is from India and my mom is from Peru, but I moved to Ecuador when I was very young, and I proudly call it my home. I have a double major in Psychology and Cultural Studies & Communications, with a minor in Studio Art. I currently work as one of the Global Scholars Student Coordinators, overseeing the community service projects we do throughout the year. Through my time at Clark, I was president of the Latin American Student Organization for two years, and a member of the International Student Association.  My interests for Sports Psychology and Nutrition are growing.  I also have a big interest in Media Psychology, specifically how media plays a role on self-esteem and body image, as well as the mass media’s portrayal of health. One of my favorite things I discovered at Clark was how much I love photography and how much I love to spend long hours in the darkroom, thanks to Professor Stephen DiRado.


Santiago Deambrosi

I was born in Argentina, but I grew up in Honduras, Uruguay, Colombia and the U.S.; my home is currently in Washington D.C. I am double majoring in Mathematics and Economics, as well as minoring in Physics and Computational Science. My interests are vast, ranging from economics to the sciences and engineering. I am particularly interested in the subject of energy and climate change, and hope to work in this field some day. Another passion of mine is giving back to society; I enjoy teaching, which I do every semester as a teaching assistant, and I volunteer time to several causes and participate in fundraisers. On campus, I have been a member of several cultural, academic and athletic clubs, most notably LASO and the TCK group at ISSO, as well as the Salsa Team. This semester I will be working in the Physics Renewable Energy Lab as well as helping establish the local SACNAS chapter, an association for minorities in the sciences. 


Hasini Assiriyage

Born and raised in Sri- Lanka, I take a particular interest in understanding social issues primarily faced by developing countries. To build on this, I am currently majoring in Economics with a minor in Management. Recently I have been interested in learning tools of data analytics to further understand problems using data. One of my main goals while at Clark, is to raise awareness for my culture and my understanding of others. I have organized events through cultural clubs on campus, such as SASA and had the opportunity to host GALA 2016. My interest for photography has grown in the recent past and I hope to work on my ability to capture better pictures. My primary focus is on capturing genuine emotions of people. Living in a world that dwells on the idea of perfection so much, I feel that we often lose sight of the beauty that is a part of our everyday lives. I believe that stories of people’s lives are important to make note of as these stories make us who we are. 


Türkü Hastürk 

I am an international student from Istanbul, Turkey and am currently a Senior at Clark University. I am  an Economics B.A. and Psychology B.A. candidate and plan to pursue a PhD in Economics. I am a member of the Scarlet Key, Omnicron Delta Epsilon Honor Society and International Students Association.  I also serve as the current Secretary of Psi Chi Honor Society. I previously volunteered as a summer research assistant with Professor Vollhardt in Clark University, and worked in Professor Goldberg’s lab in 2016 Spring semester. Some of my interests are film photography, traveling, writing and exploring new cultures. 

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I am a US citizen however I was raised as a Third Culture Kid in Pakistan, Zambia, and Ethiopia. The hardest question I’ve ever been asked to answer is also one of the simplest for most people; “where are you from?” I change my answer to this question almost weekly, knowing that each place I’ve lived and traveled to has made me who I am today. Most of my childhood was spent exploring Zambia’s national parks and getting soaked at the Mosi-oa-Tunya waterfalls, and as a result I developed a passion for protecting the natural environment at a very young age. Throughout high school in Ethiopia I formed a curiosity about how to balance the needs of humans with those of the environment, and decided to major in Environmental Science and Policy at Clark to better understand this relationship. I have become fascinated with community-based environmental education and policy work, and I hope to pursue a career at an international NGO in the future. At Clark, I am a member of the Global Scholars Program and the International Students Association. I was Co-Event Manager of Clark’s first TEDx conference, and was a Peer Adviser during the orientation program for the Class of 2019. I intend to compete the Accelerated 5th Year Master’s Program in Environmental Science and Policy at Clark next year. 



Shirin Esmaeili 

I was born and raised in a tropical paradise called El Salvador and my name comes from Iran, where my dad is from. I have always been curious about many areas of knowledge, and coming to Clark, I was able to pursue my interests majoring in both Geography and Cultural Studies & Communications. These two majors have allowed me to study Earth a little closer as while still learning more about the media and shifting dynamics in our society. Whenever I'm not studying I am doing some sort of art, whether it is dancing with the Salsa team on campus, taking pictures, singing, or traveling somewhere. Service to the community is an important motor in my life too and I enjoy teaching/mentoring/meditating/giving back. 




Trang Nguyen 

I am a Vietnamese who was born in Russia, raised in Vietnam, and educated in Singapore. At Clark I study double majors in Mathematics and Economics. My passion for youth education has led me to volunteer in various global education projects in Singapore, Vietnam, the USA, Malaysia, and Japan. Most recently, I co-founded LOK (Love of Knowledge), a social discovery platform with tens of thousands of viewers that strives to provide Vietnamese youth with the opportunity to develop critical thinking and the basis to understand concepts and social issues. At Clark, I volunteered for the African Community Education in my freshman year, organized the first TEDx event in my sophomore year, and invited prominent speakers to the first-ever liberal arts summer camp in Vietnam in my junior year.  I love dancing and performing as a member of Variant Dance Troupe, and I play the ukulele during my free time. 



Jayce Bauer 

I’m a Senior on my third year of college (graduating early!) I’m a Theater Arts major and a Screen Studies minor here at Clark. I was born in Guatemala but grew up in El Salvador. My interests include music, film, cooking and theater. I do many things with my small amount of free time, like playing Pokémon Go, spending time with friends, cooking new dishes, taking pictures, playing video games and dancing. In my time at Clark I’ve been a part of MUN (debating), OPEN (LGBTQIAA+ group) and TEDx. I also participated in two plays, Talk Radio and More Than Friends (student written), both directed through the club CUPS.  



Yousra Benchekroun

I was born and raised in Marrakesh, Morocco; and so Morocco is my home. I am a double major in Geography and International Development. My focus in Geography is the Earth System Science with some background in Geographic Information Sciences. I am particularly interested in the fields of Disaster management and sustainable development. My fields of interests are the Mediterranean region (particularly Iberian peninsula and the Maghreb), and Africa as a whole. I love dancing (salsa and belly dancing), backpacking, volleyball, soccer and swimming. I also love to learn about, and experience different cultures through their food, music, dance, art, language, and history. Throughout the past years at Clark, I have been an active member of Clark's Recycling Crew. I was also a member of ONE and Socialist Alternative during my sophomore year, a research assistant, and a qualitative data translator at the ID Department. 



Daniela Reyes Saade 

I was born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador. I am a double major in Geography and Economics. It wasn't until I got to Clark that I discovered my passion for Geography, more specifically Geographic Information Systems. I am currently working on my honors thesis for geography. For my thesis I will be doing a temporal and spatial analysis of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika viruses in El Salvador. Apart from academics I am currently the president of the International Students Association and I was the International Student Orientation Coordinator for the 2016 Orientation program. Within the community I truly enjoy giving back to others. I have been involved in some mentoring programs and community service in the past years at Clark. I enjoy dancing, playing volleyball, creating maps and going out into the Worcester community to try new restaurants.   


Min Ji 

I was born in Korea, and lived there for fourteen years. I then moved to Guatemala, and attended an American International school. I came to Clark to study International Development and Social Change, but changed my major to Psychology during Sophomore year. Lately I have discovered my interest in neuropsychology, and decided to continue studying in that field. On campus, I am involved in various music-related clubs and ensembles such as Concert Band, Chamber Ensembles, and Chamber Choir. Outside Clark, I have worked with the children with special needs such as Autism, Self-Injury, Aggression, Asperger syndrome, etc. in the Research Center and Seoul Children’s Hospital. At the New England Center for Children, I am working as both a research assistant and a student- teacher, helping the Autistic students develop independence.



Maria Solares 

I was born and raised in Guatemala, which gave me the privilege to experience life in ways that many other people do not. I grew up collecting stories from people of different ethnic backgrounds, different socioeconomic backgrounds, different countries, different species. So then, maybe it is a surprise that I majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a focus on biological chemistry and bioinformatics—but I understood that biological pathways united communities together regardless of distance, and that the biggest impact I could afford on the world without discrimination would come from medical research. I hope life gives me the opportunity to continue researching, as well as allowing me to make a difference in my own community by mentoring and tutoring in the sciences. 


Fileona Dkhar 

Comparative Literature and Studio Art

Interested in continuously and consciously learning

Have been involved with ISA, Stir magazine. Also a Clark diarist since freshman year. 

From Shillong, northeast India.  



Tiang Maphosa 

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, lived all over Southern Africa for a few years, then moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for 5 years where I traveled all over the world for various Sporting tournaments and workshops before eventually coming to Clark. As a global scholar, I have been able to meet, work and learn with some of the most diverse people, with the most diverse back grounds. Having worked with so many different groups on campus over the past 3 years like ISA, GSP, Hip-Hop Collabo and TCK, I have been able to craft not only a more critical perspective of the world around us, but a truly global one. As a CSAC major with a focus in media and marketing, having those different perspectives and experiences has enriched my view of the world, and subsequently my work and for that I am truly grateful. 



William Chen 

"Hi everyone! This is William Chen (Yuanzheng) from China, currently majoring in Business Management and minoring in Economics. Taking the advantage that Clark provides, I am also considering the Accelerated Degree Program (5th Year Program) at the Graduate School of Management for an MBA degree. Coming from a completely different culture (China), it is always interesting to observe the cultural differences and become a part of the new culture. In such process (sometimes difficult), GSP really helps to establish a "bridge" for international students like me, minimizing the effects of "cultural-shock". At Clark, I am also the President for Clark Economics Society as well as one of the Student Ambassadors for Admission Office." 



Senegal Carty 

An Anguillan biochemistry major who's also working on a minor in Asian studies, I am slightly obsessed with learning new languages. I also love working with my hands, and do origami, knit and bake when I am not busy with lab or class. Singing is one of my favorite hobbies, and I am  a member of Clark's youngest co-ed a cappella group,  the Clark Keys. Other clubs I have been involved in at Clark are EMS, One, the Scarlet, the Taekwondo club and the Global Scholars groups that have worked with ACE and arranged Clark's TED conference. I am currently a member of the GSP team that aims to organize a service trip abroad in the spring. 



Ji Won Park 

I was born and raised in South Korea. I am double majoring in Economics and Management and looking forward to get into Management Consulting industry when I graduate in 2017. I came to the United States when I was 15 and graduated High School in Michigan. I am the president of ACS (Asian Culture Society) and part of the events planning committee in ISA (International Students Association). I played violin for 11 years and I am now part of Clark Sinfonia. I still love playing violin and piano when I have free time. 




I am from Burma or otherwise known as Myanmar. I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in Management and Sociology. Throughout my 3 plus years at Clark, I have been involved in ISA, MUN, LINK, SARC, and was a Orientation Coordinator for Week One for the incoming class of 2019.